Travel to Chile & Antarctica: COVID-19 Requirements

Currently, there are no travel restrictions for entering Chile. However, some requirements should be considered when traveling to Chile.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Can You Travel to Chile and Antarctica now?

Last updated on Monday, May 2, 2022. 

Yes, you can travel to Chile and Antarctica! From May 1, 2022, all of Chile’s borders are open for international travelers. This is a summary of the current Covid-19 requirements that are relevant to international travelers who don’t reside permanently in Chile.

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Review of Entry Requirements

Travel to Chile and Entry Requirements

As of April 14, 2022, Chile is in Alert “Phase 1,” which does not include any travel restrictions.

Please consider the following requirements to enter Chile:

  • Complete the “travel affidavit” form online available at up to 48 hours before boarding your flight to Chile.
  • Travelers must be covered by a medical travel insurance policy that provides at least $30,000 USD in coverage, including Covid-related charges. It’s mandatory for non-residents travelers.
  • A PCR or antigen test will be taken randomly at the entry point to Chile. Confirmed cases shall be isolated according to the Health Authorities’ regulations.


  • Although it’s not mandatory in “Phase 1”, it is advised to undergo a diagnostic test before traveling to Chile.
  • The vaccine validation to obtain a Mobility pass in Chile is voluntary. We recommend applying for it as it could be required to enter some places in Chile, such as restaurants, and cinemas, among others.
  • As already advised, we strongly recommend that you build some buffer in your travel plans, especially for airport check-ins and between air connections and other transportation arrangements. Note that it is the traveler’s responsibility to arrive in Punta Arenas by 2 PM on Day 1 of the air-cruise, at the latest.

Depending on the alert level in Chile when you arrive, different travel restrictions may apply.

Official Information on Travel to Chile

For more information, please review the Chile Travel website. We also advise travelers to contact their booking agent for help with specific questions and travel details before traveling to Chile.

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