Bill Mccormick

Bill’s early childhood in Montana in the U.S. gave him a lifelong passion for mountains, winter, and wide-open spaces. He began a career as a professional Alpine Mountain Guide in 1990. Since then he had guided and climbed in the great ranges of the world-including 6 Denali expeditions. He first set foot in Antarctica in 1992 and have now spent 23 summer seasons and 1 winter there. He had taught hundreds of people cold weather survival skills and also been a member of a multi-national Antarctic Search and Rescue team for 9 seasons. He provided leadership for team safety on heavy equipment traverses, meteorite searches, seal studies on sea ice and research on Mt. Erebus (to name a few). Challenging multi-month projects have taken Bill to the Polar Plateau, West Antarctic Ice Sheets & Antarctic Peninsula. He also spent mid-winter on the Greenland ice cap with just 3 other persons in a small field camp.