Bob Gilmore

Bob spent his formative years in the US mid-west. After graduating University with a degree in Forestry he headed west and never looked back. For five years, he worked as Lead Wilderness Ranger on the north face of Mt. Hood, Oregon for the US Forest Service. When snow loads prevented trail work, he went south for the winter. From 1996-2000, Bob worked for the U.S. Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station. While there he helped with logistics at the South Pole Station and outlying field camps for scientists who were researching everything from the natural anti-freeze found in the fish populations to drilling ice-core samples studying climate fluctuations. In 2004 Robert decided to share the knowledge he gained in his 4 years in Antarctica by joining expedition life as a guide and interpreter especially in Geology and Glaciology. He’s been rolling through the Drake Passage and exploring the Antarctic Peninsula ever since, along with many seasons in Svalbard, Norway.