Dani Abras

Since Dani was 8 years old, she has had a great interest in whales and dolphins. This passion led her to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Rio de Janeiro Federal University and a master’s degree in Biological Oceanography from Sao Paulo University. She has been involved in whale research for over 12 years, including time as a researcher at the Humpback Whale Institute in Caravelas, Brazil, coordinating land and cruise-based research and writing scientific articles, reports, and book chapters. She dedicates her life to the study of humpback whales, especially their migratory dynamics between Antarctica and Brazil. Since 2017 Dani has been working as a full-time Expedition Guide and Naturalist onboard ships in Antarctica, Africa, the Amazon, Australia, and the Caribbean, and a Whale-Watching Guide in the Azores, South Africa, and Tonga. She also offers training to whale-watching operators and lectures about the behavior and ecology of whales and dolphins for tourists from around the world, focusing on responsible and sustainable activity. Her years of field experience have made her a great naturalist with a passion for birds and other animals. Because of her interest in capturing whales and wildlife with camera lenses, she has developed a new hobby, studying photography, publishing, and selling her images. Dani lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English.