Germán González

German lives in Bariloche, a city located in the northern area of Patagonia. As a child, he sailed as a skipper and crew-member in sailboats, taking part in several ocean-racing regattas. Since 2010, he has guided multi-day kayaking expeditions in Southern Greenland and Patagonia. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, he also works as a kayaking and mountain-biking guide spending his summers across the Andes between Argentina and Chile. He practices Telemark skiing and guides ski expeditions to the active volcanoes of the Chilean side of the Andes mountain range. German also organizes and teaches sea-kayaking courses in the lakes and seas of the region. He is trained in Wilderness First Aid, mountain safety and certified by ACA (American Canoe Association) and has been working with Antarctica21 since 2016.