Nigel Milius

Nigel has always had an interest in the outdoors and wildlife initially visiting Antarctica as a chef where he completed 6 summers and 3 winters on British research stations. At Signy Island in 1993, he learned to scuba dive and from late 1994 to early 1997 he was at Rothera Station, during which time he claims to have become the world expert on the birds there! In 1998 he became the proud recipient of the British Antarctic Survey’s Fuchs Medal. In 1998-9 he was one of the teams at the Port Lockroy Museum and spent the winter of 2000 volunteering on Macquarie Island helping a team studying Elephant Seals. Following that, he began working as an ornithologist and naturalist on expedition cruise ships in the Polar regions and, since then has completed over 170 voyages to many parts of Antarctica, and 9 seasons in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere. He is, passionate about all things Antarctic and is looking forward to sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with our guests.