Nozomi Takeyabu

Raised in a log cabin surrounded by the wilderness of Hokkaido, Japan, Nozomi is a natural-born artist/naturalist. Her enthusiasm and love for nature are reflected in most of her actions and also in her work as a conservation artist. As a naturalist, she is a keen wildlife observer and works on wildlife behavioral studies. Although she loves wildlife studies, she is also fascinated by every element found in nature. Nozomi immediately developed an intense passion for the polar regions after she visited the Arctic and then Antarctica in 2014. She dove headfirst into the world of wilderness expeditions, and she has been guiding ever since. Since 2014, she has run/led multiple wildlife expeditions in various remote areas in the world. Through her naturalist work and art, she wishes to rebuild the connection between humans and the natural world, hoping to make a difference in the world and contribute to the conservation of Earth’s beautiful nature.