Ragnhild Grandfelt

Ragnhild started studying and working on the world’s oldest operating full rigger at a young age. Exploring everything from the beautiful coast of Africa and the remote islands of the Pacific, finishing her time onboard in East Asia. Continuing her passion for traveling she started sailing inland on river cruises, sailing the incredible waterways of the Rhine and Danube rivers. Following her 3 years inland, her journey continued on seagoing expedition ships, circumnavigating Iceland, and exploring the diversity of Svalbard. Ragnhild was born curious about life, wanting to learn a bit of everything. She enjoys exploring, seeing different ways of living, and trying new food, all whilst enjoying the inspiring natural world around her, both above the water and diving below the surface. She fell in love with expedition cruising knowing she is able to share all her new adventures with people from all over the world.