Ruslan Eliseev

Born in Ufa, Russia, Ruslan, who speaks English and Russian, has spent most of his time at sea, sailing, learning navigation skills and building his nautical experiences. He became an engineer, an officer on a ship, and even worked as a captain of a ship in Antarctica! Ruslan has wintered in the Russian Antarctic station Bellingshausen 4 times and has participated in several interesting research expeditions on R/V Akademik Fedorov, as well as in Russian-U.S. research expeditions around the Kamchatka Peninsula. The last 4 years have seen Ruslan working as an expedition guide in Antarctica. He once spent 4 months close to wild nature and provided technical support for scientists. He has also focused on wildlife photography, negotiating on a daily basis with large numbers of bears who weren’t willing to share their territory … and food! In fact, Ruslan’s main interest is photography: he has been a finalist in international wildlife photo competitions, and his photographs have been published in magazines in Germany, England, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand and Russia. When he is not at sea, Ruslan loves traveling, climbing, caving and spending time on his boat.