Willie Parra

Willie is from Chile and has had a 25-year career, guiding from the Atacama Desert to the southernmost tip of South America in Navarino Island, Chile. He started diving in 1993 becoming a Divemaster, and later worked as an NACD Cave Diver in Mexico. He also worked as underwater and surface cameraman. When studying Ecotourism, he started mountaineering, taking that to a professional level. He has been guiding in South America for many years, including “Aconcagua” (at 6.962 m the highest mountain in the Americas). In 2014 he was a guide and base camp manager for an Everest Expedition. His first steps in Antarctica were in 2006, leading team building expeditions. He has been part of the Antarctica21 team since 2015 – as a Mountain Guide. He believes strongly that Antarctica is one of the last pristine corners of the planet, where the human being is still considered as equal and not feared by its wonderful creatures, thus offering a unique opportunity to experience them up close”.