Yuki Davidoff

Yuki grew up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, and discovered her love of the outdoors during a college internship in Colorado. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Computer Science, her enthusiasm for travel led her to take up guiding jobs around the planet. Since 2016 she has led trips on the glaciers and waterways of Alaska, through the powdery snow of Japan, and to the tops of active volcanoes of Guatemala. Most recently she has spent numerous seasons leading trips throughout the geothermal landscapes of Yellowstone National Park in both summer and the sub-zero winters, in temperatures as low as -25F/-31C. Living in these locations has allowed her to develop and hone her adventure and wildlife photography skills. Yuki now lives in Bozeman, Montana, and works as a software engineer during the week. She speaks English, Japanese, and some Spanish.