Rafael Guzmán

Rafael is a passionate traveler and photographer with a deep connection with nature and an impulse to see as many natural wonders as possible. He wants to show people how amazing our planet is and help others fall in love with it.
Rafael is a very collaborative sales team member and joined Antarctic21 in 2022. He studied Business at la Universidad del Desarrollo and immediately began thinking of ways to carve a career that mixes his studies and love of nature. Rafael’s story with the southern tip of the planet began a long time ago. He can’t pinpoint a moment when this obsession started, but it led him to many trips to Patagonia, both Chilean and Argentinan, as both a backpacker with friends and a classic tourist, always trying to get his family to join in on his adventures.
Knowing the impact an antarctic experience can make on someone’s life, Rafael wants to do his very best to help others live this unforgettable experience. From the very beginning, while crossing legendary seas, he felt the overwhelming presence of the White Continent calling him to go where few have had the chance. Now he can, and most importantly, he will be in the position of helping others go as well.