Training Documents

Resources to sell Antarctica21 products, deck plans and itinerary maps

Overview of Antarctica21

The Air-Cruise Model

The Air-Cruise Model

Explains what the “Air-Cruise” model is and highlights its unique advantages: Comfort, Speed, and Size.

The Antarctic Flight

The Antarctic Flight

Provides statistics on the operation of the Antarctic flight model and outlines the plan in place in case of weather-related delays.

Magellan Explorer

An overview of our ship Magellan Explorer, a new and modern expedition vessel custom-built for our Antarctic air-cruises to the latest Polar Code specifications. Review information about the design, main features, cabins, photos, and more.

15-Minute Agent Training Videos

Quick Antarctica21 Training Video - English

A quick introductory video about how to travel to Antarctica, activities, hosted by Antarctica21 Market Manager Reinoud Daniels.

Video corto de capacitación de Antarctica21 - español

Un video corto e introductorio sobre cómo viajar a la Antártida presentado por Ximena Urjel, Gerente de Mercado de Antarctica21.

Vídeo de treinamento rápido da Antarctica21 - Português

Um rápido vídeo introdutório sobre como viajar para a Antártica, apresentado por Ximena Urjel, Gerente de Mercado de Antarctica21.

Kurzes Antarctica21 Trainingsvideo - Deutsch

Ein kurzes Einführungsvideo über unsere Reisen in die Antarktis, von Antarctica21 Market Managerin Nicole Krumrey.

Vidéo de formation courte d'Antarctica21 - Français

Une vidéo d’introduction rapide sur la façon de voyager en Antarctique, animée par le directeur commercial d’Antarctica21, Juan Cristobal Del Pedregal Bravo.


Explore Cape Horn, Falklands and South Georgia Webinar with Antarctica21

Explore Cape Horn, Falklands & South Georgia

Market Engagement Manager Alexandra Bacho and Director of Expedition Operations Mariano Curiel share everything you need to know about Antarctica21’s sea voyages in the Sub-Antarctic region.

Imagine Antarctica webinar about how to travel to Antarctica

Imagine Antarctica

A coffee chat about the Seventh Continent hosted by Market Engagement Manager Renato Marin, Director of Expedition Operations Mariano Curiel, and Market Manager USA & Canada Reinoud Daniels.

A photography journey to Antarctica webinar, with Michael Durr and Antarctica21

A Photography Journey to Antarctica

We have invited professional photographer and videographer Michael Durr to sit down and chat with us about his first experience in Antarctica.

Deck Plans & Aircraft Diagram

Plan icon, blue

Ocean Nova

Deck plan in .jpg format

Plan icon, blue

Hebridean Sky

Deck plan in .jpg format

Plan icon, blue

Magellan Explorer

Deck plan in PDF format

Plan icon, blue

Aircraft Diagram

File in .jpg format

Maps icon, blue

Map Collection

Itinerary maps in .jpg format

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