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Enrich Your Antarctic Experience

The Antarctica21 app was designed to enhance your Antarctica21 expedition from beginning to end. Available on iOS and Android for all, with exclusive content and features on board for guests on Magellan Explorer, the Antarctica21 app is your travel companion throughout your awe-inspiring trip to Antarctica. Dive into a wealth of information, live updates, and educational content tailored to make your journey as enriching and comfortable as possible. 


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antarctica21 app

The Antarctica21 App's Main Features

MyExpedition21 Portal

Complete your participation form and discover essential pre-trip information. 

Real-Time Updates

On board Magellan Explorer, check your daily schedules, weather forecasts, live maps, and ship location at your convenience. 

Educational Content

Learn about Antarctica’s incredible ecosystem, geography, and history through A21Connect.

Onboard Streaming

Enjoy live lectures and a selection of movies for entertainment at sea on board Magellan Explorer.

Expedition Memories

Download photos, logbooks, and certificates from your unique journey.

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