24 Hours on Magellan Explorer

Back from a Classic Antarctica expedition, Renato Marín gives us the inside scoop on what a typical day is like on board Magellan Explorer, from a day of adventure to what’s served at dessert time at meals.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

What 24 hours is like on the ship Magellan Explorer

It’s true — no two days are the same on any Antarctica21 expedition. Some days you could see the grey flashes of Humpback whales swimming alongside your small ship, while other days could grant you the opportunity to watch a snow flurry pass as you prepare for Zodiac adventures to shore. But there are some things you can expect to find on our custom-built expedition ship, the Magellan Explorer, no matter when you travel to Antarctica. For starters, the ship offers an on-site sauna to warm up after adventures on the ice, and there’s always an experienced expedition crew on board ready to show you the wilds of Antarctica.

On a recent Classic Antarctica expedition aboard the ship Magellan Explorer, Antarctica21’s Sales Manager B2C Renato Marín got the scoop on a typical day on the Magellan Explorer. Keep reading to learn what your days could look like when you book an expedition with us!

Morning Breakfast & Excursion

Each morning begins with a suggested wake-up call around 7 a.m. For early risers like Renato, that gives you time to head to the observation lounge before anyone else arrives, where fresh coffee and jam- and chocolate-covered pastries await. Here, you’ll find a selection of seating, from comfortable sofas to café-style tables and chairs. Or you can head straight outside to the deck, where—on any given day—you can see giant icebergs bobbing about or an island covered in snow. After your morning of tranquility, breakfast awaits on Deck 3, which usually includes dishes like scrambled eggs and french toast.

View of the Antarctic landscape and kayaks, from Magellan Explorer's restaurant. Photography by Ana Maria Lopez.

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After breakfast, it’s time to prepare for your first excursion of the day, which departs no later than 9:30 a.m. Experiences include Zodiac expeditions through the water to see humpback whales or landings on the Antarctic Peninsula to observe waddling, tuxedo-clad penguins. After your morning excursion, which lasts approximately two hours, you will arrive back on the ship.

Afternoon Presentations, Excursion & Lunch

Once you’re back on board, you’re greeted by the expedition staff, who usually prepare a lecture to introduce you to even more Antarctic knowledge, from the history of human presence on the continent to presentations on all the species of whales presented by oceanographers. Each talk is around 60 minutes, with lunch being served directly after.

In the dining room, a self-serve spread awaits, which ranges from dishes like sauteed vegetables with fish and rice to roasted chicken and pasta. There’s also a salad station with several dressing options for a healthy addition of greens to your meal.

After lunch, there is about an hour and a half of free time. You can choose to go to your cabin for a nap or take in more of Antarctica’s vast landscapes from the Observation Deck.

In the late afternoon, you leave for your second excursion of the day. For Renato, one of his favorite excursions included sailing through the Lemaire Channel, where he saw plenty of glaciers, icebergs, and snow-capped mountain peaks, some with waterfalls. Other adventures include landings on the Antarctic Peninsula or to destinations like Deception Island, where the remains of an old whaling station reside.

Evenings Aboard the Magellan Explorer Ship

Once you arrive back on the ship, you will likely have another lecture presented by our expedition team that is combined with a review of the day, which, together, last about an hour. That leaves another hour of free time—you can enjoy a steamy session in the onboard sauna prior to taking a shower before dinner. By 7:30 p.m., dinner begins, a true fine-dining experience with menu service and three courses.

Restaurant on board Magellan Explorer. Photography by Tom Arban.

There’s also a wide selection of wines, from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to Chilean Carmenere and Argentine Malbec. Desserts range from decadent chocolate lava cakes to tart apple strudels with vanilla ice cream.

You’ll likely be pretty tired after dinner, which makes for an ideal time to grab a nightcap at the bar. Take your negroni or manhattan to the cozy library, where you can select a title from a wide range of literature on Antarctica. Then it’s off to bed to prepare for the next day of adventure!

Bar area of the Antarctica lounge on board Magellan Explorer. Photography by Tom Arban.


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