A Love Affair with Antarctica

Antarctica is like visiting another world. It is the last remaining place on earth that is untouched by mankind.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When we asked our Expedition Team members, Why do you love Antarctica?, their answers revealed how this single place on earth can be exactly the same, and yet it can be felt so differently…


Name: Jonathan Walton
Country: UK
Onboard position: Lecturer, Historian, Storyteller, and anything else that needs doing

“The combination of size, beauty, remoteness and climate.”

Jonathan Walton

Name: Olle Carlsson
Country: Sweden
Onboard position: Lecturer and Guide

“It is a fascination: the ice, the inhospitality, integrity and yet the warmth and inviting smiles it offers in the summer. You have to admire the adaptations of the animals that live and breed there. The beauty of the land and ice is outstanding, nature’s cathedral!”


Name: Sarah Merusi
Country: USA
Onboard position: Quality Manager

“It is like visiting another world. It is the last remaining place on earth that is untouched by mankind. The tranquility that exists between wildlife and nature is truly breathtaking. I am always amazed to see what the world would look like if humans did not walk the earth and this is the closest you can get to that.”


Nigel Milius

Name: Nigel Milius
Country:UK, now lives in New Zealand
Onboard position: Education Program Coordinator and Lecturer

“After so many years, I’m still learning more every year, still visiting new places (even on the Peninsula), seeing changes (not always good, but always interesting!) and working always with great people. I still find myself very conscious of the fact that for most people, Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (if that), yet for me, it’s been a major part of my life. I’m an incredibly lucky person! What’s not to love about it?”


Name: Milagros de Vega Corso
Country: Argentina
Onboard position: Shopkeeper

“I love Antarctica because it is a unique place and a peaceful place.”


Tim Thomas

Name: Tim Thomas
Country: USA
Onboard position: Zodiac Driver and Kayak Master

“It is the last true wilderness – meaning the least impacted and changed by mankind.”


Name: Hin Ling Estella LEE
Country: Hong Kong, now lives in New Zealand
Onboard position: Host for our Chinese guests

“It is the last paradise on earth, untouched by human beings. And there are so many wild animals.”


Name: Krystle Wright
Country: Australia
Onboard position: Zodiac Driver and Media Coordinator

“As a photographer, how could I not love Antarctica? It is an absolute haven to photograph wildlife, landscapes, dramatic weather and so forth.”

Name: Wei Deng
Country: China
Onboard position: Mountain Guide, Media Coordinator, Zodiac Driver, Host for our Chinese guests

“I love nature. Living in one of the biggest cities in China (with over 10 million population), I try to get away from cities as much as possible. Antarctica is my ultimate dream!”


Name: Anastasiia Ezhova
Country: Russia
Onboard position: Shopkeeper, Zodiac Driver

“For its beauty, vastness, power, immensity and the feeling of being in the total wilderness.”


We hope you enjoy this first installment in our Staff Interview Series. Stay tuned from more inspiration and insights from our travels!

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