An Antarctic Love Story

We had our 30th anniversary in Antarctica, it was the trip of our dreams!

Monday, December 14, 2020

It wasn´t a spur of moment plan having our Anniversary in Antarctica. For years, I had been dreaming of traveling to Antarctica as I have a strong sense of adventure and love wildlife. I had talked about this dream with my husband on numerous occasions, but for one reason or another, the idea remained just that – an idea. However, as our anniversary approached last year, my husband (Michael) and I started thinking of memorable ways to celebrate our 30 years together: and we thought what could be better than visiting Antarctica and fulfilling this lifelong dream of mine.

We started researching our trip early and looked at different expedition trips to celebrate our Anniversary in Antarctica. Before long we had found the small ship, Magellan Explorer, Antarctica21’s new polar vessel and its inaugural trip that set sail on November 28th, 2019. It seemed like the perfect trip! However, I just couldn’t decide at first to really go. So, by the time I looked, re-looked then hesitated and looked again, the trip was sold out. Disappointed, I contacted Antarctica21 and asked to be placed on the trip’s waitlist. Michael, ever the optimist, was pushing for us to choose a different Antarctic air-cruise itinerary to ensure that we could go during the year of our anniversary; however, I had my heart set on this one. I needed to know that Magellan Explorer had set sail before booking an alternative.

Incredibly, on the very day of our 30th wedding anniversary – October 28th, Alexandra called from Antarctica21. A cabin had become available and celebrating our anniversary in Antarcitca on my dream departure was going to come true! I did not hesitate in booking it this time around. Michael and I have traveled to many destinations throughout the world, and although a trip to Antarctica was not high on his bucket list, now we both agree that it is the most unforgettable experience that we have shared in our 30 years together. There is not much I can say to do justice to the beauty of the destination. The views were indescribable. The silence was astonishing.

We kayaked through floating bits of ice and watched seals and birdlife go about their life uninhibited in their wild kingdom. We hiked near penguin colonies during the day, and one evening witnessed a pod of Orca Whales hunting in the ocean waters. During our expedition, we sailed through the Drake Passage and we were able to visit Cape Horn as we had exceptionally good weather throughout our crossing. We even participated in the Polar Plunge – which I was dreading – but the icy waters were rejuvenating. I am so glad I did it! From the moment our trip was confirmed, the amount of assistance and information provided by Antarctica21 was incredible. The onboard staff and expedition teams were knowledgeable, accommodating and helpful. There was also a strong sense of fun and friendship among fellow travelers and staff.

Even now when I look back at my photos, I am not ready for the dream to be over. Antarctica was the most amazing experience of our lives and the perfect way to celebrate our life together. We will return.

This travel story was shared by Tracey.


An Antarctica Love Story

An Antarctica Love Story

An Antarctica Love Story

An Antarctica Love Story

An Antarctica Love Story

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