Chile to Antarctica: A Review of Restaurants & Hotels in Santiago

Our restaurant and hotel guide to help you make the most of your stay in Chile’s capital city.

Friday, August 27, 2021

A Quick Guide to Hotels in Santiago, Restaurants, and more

Before experiencing the remoteness of Antarctica, spend a few days in the cosmopolitan city of Santiago, Chile. Vibrant and bustling, it is nestled between the Andes Mountains and hills sprinkled across the city. Explore the city and take a day trip to the colorful yet tranquil coastal towns or renowned wine valleys. A two to three night-stay in Santiago, Chile before your Antarctic adventure is a perfect timeframe.

Getting from Chile to Antarctica involves at least two flights. Most of our Antarctic itineraries begin and end in Punta Arenas, Chile. Daily direct flights to Punta Arenas from Santiago, where travelers take a 2-hour flight to Antarctica. One night in Punta Arenas before your Antarctic trip is essential, and our sales team can help you with arrangements.

However, for your stay, we have created this restaurant and hotels in Santiago guide to help you make the most of your stay in Chile’s capital city:

Best Restaurants in Santiago

Best Hotels in Santiago

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Best Restaurants in Santiago

Santiago is home to a vibrant culinary scene. We are pleased to share some of our favorite places, organized in convenient categories. To see our complete list of recommendations, download our Santiago Restaurants Guide.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Santiago

Boragó – Chilean Cuisine
Described as a “dialogue between nature and cuisine,” Boragó is the wild creation of chef Rodolfo Guzmán and his team. Boragó makes use of foraged herbs, edible flowers, and wild berries sourced from the wilds of Patagonia to the heights of the Andes. It is a flight of fancy through the culinary heritage of Chile, where molecular meets indigenous. A culinary experience, not just dinner. It is recognized as one of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Expected Pricing: $$$$
Tasting menus with optional juice or wine pairings
Av. San José María Escrivá de Balaguer 5970, Vitacura
See on a map
Tel. +56 22 953 8893

Olam – Chilean Cuisine
Olam is the second restaurant in Santiago from the same creators of 040 Restaurant, the later awarded as one of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America on repeated occasions. Olam is a fine dining restaurant with a selection of vanguard dishes and tapas that invite you to share with everyone at your table. Enjoy the delightful flavors of one of Chile’s best chefs, Sergio Barroso.

Expected Pricing: $$$
A la carte menu
Carmencita 45, Santiago, Las Condes
See on a map

La Calma – Fish & Seafood
White walls, leather, wood, and minimalist design complements the freshness and flavor of the food dished up by chefs and father and son Luis and Gabriel Layera. One of Chile’s culinary blessings is its coast, and La Calma brings in the best catch of the day for a graceful homage to the local fish and seafood. A deep respect for the products with a modern twist on tradition.

Expected Pricing: $$$
A la carte menu
Nueva Costanera 3832, local 2, Vitacura
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2667 4416

Ambrosía – Modern Cuisine
One of Latin America’s Top 50 restaurants, Ambrosía offers a market-to-table experience that combines French flair with Chilean produce. Precise and comfortable flavors fuse together in impeccable fashion. With limited seating, it’s important to make a reservation well in advance for dining here.

Expected Pricing: $$$
Pamplona 78, Vitacura
See on a map
Tel. +56 9 5639 7877

Local Favorites in Santiago

Chipe Libre – Chilean and Peruvian Cuisine
The self-proclaimed “Independent State of Pisco” is a celebration of the famous elixir. Is it Chilean? Is it Peruvian? Who cares! Chipe Libre has over 50 brands of pisco from both countries, as well as an impressive cocktail list and some excellent dishes from Chile and Peru. Informal and fun, it’s well worth a visit, especially if you are staying in the Lastarria area.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
José Victorino Lastarria 282, Lastarria
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2664 0584

La Pulpería Santa Elvira – Chilean Cuisine
A culinary gem located in a historical Casona in Barrio Matta repurposed as a restaurant that beckons its guests to feel at home and savor the unique creations whipped up its kitchen. Led by a desire to collect carefully and fully express each product’s local flavor is a tradition that chef Javier Avilés Lira fosters. Watch how a dedicated and passionate staff prepares the savory dishes and sweet confections from your terrace table.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
Santa Elvira 475, Santiago
See on a map
Tel. +56 9 411 6000

In Pasta – Italian Cuisine
In Pasta is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city known for its authenticity, simplicity, and quality food. Opened in 2015 by brother and sister Venere y Massimo Bulliari, their hand-crafted pasta and gelato shop on the same street are hand-crafted and made according to Italian tradition. It is a small restaurant and deli with outdoor seating and a daily menu that changes based on what is made fresh daily.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
Santa Isabel 0395, Providencia
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2634 7575

La Biferia – Chilean Cuisine
A beef lover’s paradise. The first bar and restaurant specialized in serving the finest cuts of beef. Their menu changes every four months to accompany each dish with the best local products that each season offers. Their relationship and collaboration with hand-picked local and international providers sets the table for a delicious, honest, fresh, and welcoming culinary experience.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
Pedro de Valdivia 065, Providencia
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2231 4677

Cheap Eats in Santiago

La Fuente Mardoqueo
Another classic and informal eatery, with perhaps the nicest dining rooms, is la Fuente Mardoqueo. The menu isn’t extensive, but their sandwiches are arguably the best in town. They also have a wide range of craft beers, both bottled and on tap, making the perfect pairing for their huge sandwiches. The atmosphere is always good, and service slick and efficient at each of their three locations.

Expected Pricing: $
Libertad 551, Barrio Yungay
Av. Francisco Bilbao 2639, Providencia
Roger de Flor 2894, Las Condes

Elkika Ilmenau
In 1945, this icon was born into a Santiago much different from the city we know today. It used to be on the periphery of town, and now it is in a central location where people have gathered to eat German-inspired Chilean fare here for decades. Try local favorites like completos or traditional Chilean sandwiches.

Expected Pricing: $
Diego de Velásquez 2109, Providencia
Av. Hernando de Aguirre 61, Providencia

Empanadas La Tinita at Mercado Providencia
There are few things better than a freshly made empanada, perhaps second only to your mother’s cooking. These empanadas have a tradition that goes back to 1947, and Santiaguinos can vouch for its reputation as one of the best in town. This small eatery specializes in nine varieties of empanadas and has been named among the best empanadas year after year.

Expected Pricing: $
Antonio Bellet 58, Local 7, Providencia, Región Metropolitana
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2236 4199

For Wine Lovers in Santigo

Bocanáriz – Chilean and International Food
Chile is famous the world over for its wine, so it comes as no surprise that a wine specialist has made it onto this list of Santiago’s best cultural restaurants. Bocanáriz is one of the capital’s most famous places to enjoy the best wine that Chile has to offer. Bocanáriz’s menu has been designed to perfectly fit the different types of wine that Chilean vineyards produce every year. It’s also within walking distance to most hotels in the Lastarria neighborhood.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
José Victorino Lastarria 276, Lastarria
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2638 9893

La Bodeguita de Miguel Torres – Signature Food
With a commitment to linking the pleasure of wine to gastronomy, La Bodeguita Miguel Torres brings fine wines from Chile and worldwide together with classic, sometimes lost, Chilean dishes. Particular emphasis is given to wines that revive heirloom varieties, also known as heritage wines—aiming to awaken the curiosity, taste, and passion for unforgettable pairings to create memorable experiences in a casual and modern environment.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
Alonso de Córdova 4280, Vitacura
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2264 9280

El Bodegón de la Vinoteca – Chilean Cuisine
The bar and restaurant El Bodegón is a casual restaurant featuring a lovely terrace where you can have signature cocktails or choose from an extensive wine list from the attached wine shop La Vinoteca. El Bodegón is a place where both the food and wine vie to be protagonists. They are both heavy hitters, yet when combined, they fuse naturally together for an unforgettable culinary and varietal story that blends before you.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
Nueva Costanera 3955, Vitacura
See on a map
Tel. +56 9 3914 8915

Baco – Classic French Food
A classic restaurant for a night out for the locals. It features a wide array of domestic and international wines that you can pair with traditional and well-executed European and Chilean cuisine—order by the bottle or by the glass from a wide range of producers and styles. Pair your wine with a hearty meal like Boeuf Bourguignon or cassoulet or a selection of starters like oysters or beef tartare. In a rush? Stop at their wine shop.

Expected Pricing: $$-$$$
Nueva de Lyon 113, Providencia
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2231 4444

Best Hotels in Santiago

The Chilean capital is a modern and vibrant metropolis flanked by mountain ranges on two sides. You can find various hotels in Santiago, including easily accessible major international hotel brands, such as W Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, etc. For travelers who are looking for something a bit different, we are pleased to share some references. To see our complete list of suggestions, download our Santiago Hotel Guide.

Independent Luxury Hotels

The Singular Santiago
The Singular Santiago hotel embraces the artistic heritage of Santiago’s Lastarria neighborhood while paying tribute to the palaces of past centuries. Guest accommodations blend classic and contemporary with modern comforts while exuding the charm of a bygone era. Hotel facilities include a spa and the Singular Restaurant. Guests can relax on the elevated Rooftop Bar and enjoy refreshing cocktails and dazzling views while cooling off at the rooftop swimming pool.

Nightly rates start at USD$245 based on a double occupancy room
Merced 294, Santiago
See on a map
Tel.+56 2 2306 8820

Premium Hotels in Santiago

Cumbres Lastarria
The Cumbres Lastarria Hotel offers boutique hospitality in the heart of the bohemian Lastarria neighborhood. With just 70 guestrooms and suites, the hotel caters to travelers seeking style and character. The designer guest rooms feature modern textures and colors that act as a backdrop to the impressive wooden headboards featuring striking works of art. Guests can relax in the elegant lobby bar or enjoy the upper terrace. A swimming pool and a fully equipped gym are also available.

Nightly rates start at USD$205 based on a double occupancy room
José Victorino Lastarria 299, Santiago
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2414 5000

Bidasoa Ecohotel
The Bidasoa Hotel, located in the exclusive Vitacura neighborhood, offers a warm, personalized alternative to chain-style hotels. With a focus on sustainability, the hotel uses green practices to reduce its environmental footprint, including renewable energy, implementing recycling programs, and reducing waste. Guestrooms feature recycled floors, chic wallpaper, and stylish furnishings. There is an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by gardens and a cozy restaurant with a terrace.

Nightly rates start at USD$230 based on a double occupancy room
Av. Vitacura 4873, Vitacura
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2602 3900

Noi Vitacura
Housed in a modern building, Noi Vitacura combines stunning architecture, contemporary luxury, and urban energy with views of the Andes. It is located in the exclusive Vitacura neighborhood, famous for fashion boutiques, gastronomy, and art galleries. Noi offers spacious designer rooms where natural light floods in through large floor-to-ceiling windows. Some rooms feature terraces and hot tubs. There is a rooftop swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa where guests can book massage services. At the Fronterizo Restaurant, guests can dine à la carte from a gourmet menu of Chilean dishes.

Nightly rates start at USD$215 based on a double occupancy room
Av. Nueva Costanera 3736, Vitacura
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2432 6800

Small Boutique Hotels

Le Reve Hotel
A friendly atmosphere and quiet surroundings await guests at Le Reve Boutique Hotel. The 4-floor hotel offers a variety of rooms and suites, including some overlooking the garden and some with a balcony or terrace. Enjoying breakfast in the private garden is one of the highlights of a stay at Le Reve Boutique Hotel. A small and exclusive gift shop sells exciting art and crafts. The hotel provides personalized service and can assist guests who wish to tour the city.

Nightly rates start at USD$279 based on a double occupancy room
Orrego Luco 023, Providencia
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2757 6000

Casa Bueras Boutique Hotel
A small gem amid the winding bohemian streets of Barrio Lastarria. A stunning residence with 14 rooms built in 1927 turned boutique hotel. It embodies the history of downtown Santiago and the chic style of the neighborhood. Each space displays a symbiosis between meticulously designed décor and refined architecture featuring a marble staircase leading to spacious bedrooms, graceful balconies, antique fireplaces, elegant wall moldings, a walled garden with an outdoor swimming pool, bar, and spa services. The hotel provides a full breakfast. From its doorsteps, guests can explore some of Santiago’s best museums, galleries, restaurants, bars, trendy shops, and attractions like el Cerro Santa Lucia, Cerro San Cristobal, and Barrios Bellavista and Bellas Artes.

Nightly rates start at USD$259 based on a double occupancy room
Merced 84, Lastarria, Santiago
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2840 3700

Luciano K
Luciano K is a boutique hotel with 38 guest rooms featuring a period and art deco design blend. On the hotel’s ground floor, you will find the entrance hall, the bar, and a restaurant. A sizable rooftop terrace offers a spa, a sauna, a bar, a heated swimming pool, and spectacular views over Parque Forestal and Alameda Avenue. Designed in the 1920s, this hotel in the Lastarria neighborhood was once the tallest building in Chile. The glamour and elegance of the 1920s are showcased in the architecture and design of the hotel, accompanied by the highest levels of comfort and technology.

Nightly rates start at USD$169 based on a double occupancy room
Merced 84, Lastarria, Santiago
See on a map
Tel. +56 9 5307 9255

Airport Hotels in Santiago

Holiday Inn
The Holiday Inn Santiago Airport Terminal provides accommodation right outside the terminal. The hotel is accessible on foot, and no shuttle is needed. Facilities include a sauna, a gym, and an indoor pool. A restaurant, a bar, and room service are available.

Nightly rates start at USD$155 based on a double occupancy room
Armando Cortinez Norte 2150, Pudahuel
See on a map
Tel. +56 2 2799 9900

Hilton Garden Inn
Guest rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn Santiago Airport are modern, comfortable, and efficient. They feature the Garden Sleep System beds and ergonomic Mirra chairs by Herman Miller. Daily buffet breakfast and the hotel restaurant offers à-la-carte options for lunch and dinner. Guests can make use of the fitness center facilities, which include an indoor pool and a sauna. Shuttle service between the airport and the hotel is available. The hotel is a 5-minute drive from Santiago’s International Airport and a 20-minute drive from the city center.

Nightly rates start at USD$115 based on a double occupancy room
Av. Américo Vespucio 1292, Pudahuel
See on a map
Tel. + 56 2 2964 1000


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