Getting Married in Antarctica

Key advice for tying the knot on the 7th continent.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

How to Get Married in Antarctica?

Are you considering an adventure wedding? Nothing is more epic than getting married in Antarctica. It might seem strange to travel to one of the most remote places on Earth to celebrate love, but it’s not.

Our team has seen everything from anniversaries, family reunions, mother/daughter adventures, and even the occasional bachelor party. Antarctica serves as the backdrop to many beautiful celebrations.

Looking back, one of our favorite Antarctica memories is when our guests, Brian and Hollis, got married in Antarctica in 2017. With four of our expedition guides (one who officiated), Brian and Hollis tied the knot with only a colony of penguins as witnesses.

Recently, these newlyweds celebrated their 3rd anniversary, and we asked them to share their tips on getting married in Antarctica.

Things You Need to Know About Getting Married in Antarctica:

  1. Plan ahead: We booked our Antarctic air-cruise months in advance through a travel agent. Getting to Antarctica also means traveling to Chilean Patagonia. We had time to explore Torres del Paine National Park and take some epic engagement photos by planning ahead.
  2. Work with the expedition team: The Antarctic weather is totally unpredictable. Thankfully, we had great weather in the Lemaire Channel, and the guides helped us find the perfect location! They also steered us clear of any leopard seals, as they do not make the best wedding guests.

Getting Married in Antarctica

  1. Dress to impress: Hollis has a background in costume design, and he planned our wedding “look.” With the iridescent blues of the Antarctic landscapes, black-tie works well. If you have that elegant tuxedo or gown hanging in your closet, getting married in Antarctica is the perfect opportunity to wear it! (Antarctica21, essential gear provided for our expedition boots for outdoor weddings in Antarctica.)

Getting Married in Antarctica

  1. Remember, love is an adventure: For us, getting married in Antarctica was the perfect start to our life together. This was a wedding between two men, so we did not expect the outpouring of support. When we arrived back at our ship, our fellow travelers cheered us on, and some were even crying. Today, our marriage continues to be a fantastic adventure!

Read their full wedding story on Harper’s Bazaar! To learn more about our air-cruises and how you can celebrate something special too, contact us!

Brian Patrick Flynn is an American designer of homes and TV/film sets. He and his boyfriend of 11 years, TV/film costume designer Hollis Smith, tied the knot with us on December 15th, 2017. To capture their experience, their friend and adventure photographer Robert Peterson joined, documenting the entire trip from day one through day eight.

If you are interested in planning a wedding in Antarctica, contact us!

Getting Married in Antarctica

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