How to Choose your Antarctic Ship

The first question many of our guests ask when deciding their polar adventure is: “which is the right ship for me?”.

Friday, March 29, 2019

At Antarctica21, we have a fleet of jets and three boutique Antarctic ships that, together, combine a direct flight to Antarctica with an expedition cruise. Due to the size of our ships, our wilderness adventures offer privileged access to Antarctica where larger ships cannot go. However, the first question many of our guests ask when deciding their polar adventure is: “which is the right Antarctic ship for me?”.

Hebridean Sky

The elegant and ultra classic Hebridean Sky is for Antarctica travelers looking to indulge while exploring the 7th continent. Hebridean Sky is a small, all-suite expedition vessel with capacity for 75 guests. After an extensive renovation in 2015, she became one of the finest small ships in the world. With spacious accommodations and large windows in the cabins, you can relax and enjoy the majestic landscapes you came so far to see from the comfort of your own room. The ship also has a lounge referred to as “The Club”, where you can order a whiskey over glacier ice and relax in a traditionally elegant nautical environment. Read more about Hebridean Sky here.

Hebridean Sky in Antarctica

Penthouse Suite on board Hebridean Sky

Magellan Explorer

New, modern, and stylish, Magellan Explorer is a state-of-the-art expedition vessel that was custom-designed Antarctic ship for our air-cruises. It offers spacious accommodation with private balconies and a wide range of technical solutions designed to enhance the expedition experience of our guests. It is one of the most energy-efficient Antarctic ships around due to an energy-recovery system that recycles the heat produced by the engines to warm the ship and its water supply. Some of the new features of the ship include: a glass-enclosed observation lounge, dining room, bar, library and a gym designed and built by Anytime Fitness, a leading health and wellness company with boutique gyms in all seven continents. Read more about Magellan Explorer here.

Magellan Explorer, the world's first polar vessel designed for Antarctic Air-Cruises

Penthouse Suite on board Magellan Explorer

Ocean Nova
The next Antarctic ship in our fleet is for the pure adventure traveler. Ocean Nova has a sturdy, ice-strengthened hull, ideally suited for expedition travel in Antarctica’s icy waters. It is capable of handling challenging ice conditions, giving our guests memorable adventure experiences. Fully refurbished in 2006, and with yearly upgrades, Ocean Nova offer comfortable, albeit smaller accommodations than our other two vessels, and is priced more economically. It offers guests three cabin categories: dedicated single, twin and triple cabins and features a picture window in all the rooms. One of our favorite places on this ship is the outer Observation Deck, above the bridge, where you can take some great landscape photography. Read more about Ocean Nova here.

Ocean Nova vessel navigating in the icy waters of Antarctica

Comfortable cabin on board Ocean Nova

Now that you have the information on our three Antarctic ships, its time to choose where you will go with us. At Antarctica21 we have four different itineraries to choose from including: Classic Antarctica, Polar Circle, and a route that combines Antarctica and South Georgia. Finally, our most economical itinerary is our Antarctica Express Air-Cruise, combining a visit to Cape Horn with a short visit to Antarctica. Choice of itinerary will also influence the choice of ship as not all of our three ships sail to each of our polar destinations.

During every expedition, guests can disembark daily by Zodiac boat and explore stunning landscapes together with a team of expert polar guides. There will be the chance to see penguin colonies, magnificent icebergs, and various species of whales. There is also the option to participate in kayaking and snowshoe excursions.

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