Introducing The Antarctica21 App

Enhance your Antarctic experience with our new travel companion app

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Dive into the Antarctic experience like never before! We’re thrilled to unveil the Antarctica21 App, our companion application crafted to elevate and enrich every moment of our travelers’ journeys – before they set foot on the ice, during their awe-inspiring explorations, and even after returning home. Join Diana Galimberti, our Senior Advisor of Operations and Product, as she reveals a new addition to Antarctica21’s expedition experience.

Antarctica21 travel app

Question: On which devices is the app available?

Diana: The Antarctica21 App is available both for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. A desktop version of this app is also available on touchscreens on board Magellan Explorer, with dynamic content that will change for each expedition. 

Q: How did the idea of the Antarctica21 app come about?

Diana: The idea for this app originated from a realization. Traditionally, our public communications on board the ship are conducted in English, the official language on all our expeditions. Over time, we began to see a greater diversity in the profiles of our travelers. Our guests come from various countries with different cultural backgrounds, and English is not always their first language. With the introduction of the new Antarctica21 App, we aim to enhance our communication with each guest, making it more effective, personalized, and accessible whenever and wherever it is needed. Now, travelers can access information about their expedition and content about Antarctica directly on their devices. 

We hope to offer information in multiple languages in future versions of the Antarctica21 App. 

Q: Will it be available on board?

Diana: For the 2023-24 season, the onboard content of the Antarctica21 app will be available only on board Magellan Explorer. The pre and post-expedition content will be available to all Antarctica21 guests. 

Q: What are some of the key features that Antarctica21 guests would benefit from while they are on their expedition?

Diana: Before embarking on their expedition, each traveler can access the My Expedition platform through the app. This is where they can fill out their participation form and find important information and essential tips to prepare and gear up for their Antarctic expedition. 

Traditionally, on board, guests had to stand up and search for one of the digital signages on the ship to get an update about their current expedition. With the Antarctica21 App, travelers can now access this information directly on their own mobile device, no matter where they are on the ship. The app provides dynamic information such as the daily schedule, weather conditions, ship location, maps, and weather forecasts, enabling guests to dress appropriately for land exploration and outdoor activities. Additionally, the Antarctica21 App offers a streaming feature for live lectures and provides access to a library of movies. 

Another important feature of the app onboard the ship is the access to A21Connect’s educational content. It provides information about Antarctica, including its ecosystem, geography, and history. We have also included essential guidelines for travelers to follow sustainability and responsible travel practices when visiting the Last Continent. With the A21Connect educational program, we encourage travelers to develop a deeper understanding of Antarctica. 

After their expedition, our travelers can download special content from their expedition, such as a collection of expedition photos, the logbook, and certificates of travel. 

Note that the onboard features are only available onboard Magellan Explorer at the moment, and we are working to extend the on-ship functionalities to all Antarctica21 guests. 

Q: How frequently is the app updated on board with new information?

Diana: All the dynamic content available during the expedition is live, meaning the information is updated instantaneously. For example, the weather conditions and forecasts are displayed based on satellite data, and the scheduled plans and activities of the day are synced with the digital signage available on the vessel. The rest of the app’s content that is more general, such as the A21Connect educational content about Antarctica, will remain unchanged. 

The launch of the Antarctica21 App represents our commitment to enhancing every traveler’s Antarctic journey. The app available on iOS and Android devices, as well as the digital signage and touchscreens onboard Magellan Explorer, was designed and developed by MCOMS, an IT solution company specializing in the hospitality and cruise industry. Designed to offer real-time insights and personalized communication, the app acts as a companion, ensuring guests have all essential information readily available. As we navigate the majestic Antarctic landscapes, our travelers can effortlessly stay informed and engaged, making their expeditions even more memorable. 

Image of slide Antarctica21 App
Image of slide Antarctica21 App
Image of slide Antarctica21 App
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