Ocean Nova: Perfect for Antarctic Small Ship Expeditions

Ocean Nova was designed for adventure and to cruise the ice-choked seas. A great option to dive into Antarctica’s breathtaking landscapes and have close encounters with the iconic wildlife in its natural habitat.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Antarctic Small Ship Expeditions on Ocean Nova

In November 2022, Ocean Nova will be back sailing in Antarctic waters again with Antarctica21. Ocean Nova is an excellent option for Antarctic small ship expeditions with a long history of explorations in both poles.

What is Expedition Travel?

While there are several ways to travel to Antarctica, our travelers tend to have an adventurous spirit and choose an expedition style of travel. Expedition travel is the best way to experience wild and remote destinations. For us, that means we do not just offer a comfortable cruise experience, we provide an intimate adventure led by passionate guides and like-minded travelers. You can deep dive into Antarctica’s breathtaking landscapes and have close encounters with the iconic wildlife in its natural habitat. Our ships, like Ocean Nova, are built to be the home base for this.

Ocean Nova was designed for adventure and to cruise the ice-choked seas. Watch how the iceberg-coated scenery changes from its 200-degree view lounge, a cozy and warm place for wildlife viewing. The dynamic and massive landscapes immerse you in this icy world known as the seventh continent, home to some of the most remote and rugged explorations on the planet.

What is an Expedition Like on Ocean Nova?

Once you take in all the scenery, grab your parka, and slip on your boots to get ready for explorations and experience the grandeur of nature firsthand, with our polar experts eager to share their specialized knowledge and field experience with you. Learn from our expedition staff about the wildlife, the continent’s ecosystem, and its history from specialists in their trade – marine biology, oceanography, ecology, geography, glaciology, naturalists, mountaineering, and history – bringing together feelings, emotions, and making sense of what you are seeing and doing. Ocean Nova’s large expeditionary staff of 12 means the highest passenger-to-staff ratio of any Antarctic ship.

Antarctic small ship expeditions allow for candid and spontaneous moments. On a vessel like Ocean Nova with a maximum of 67 passengers, our captain can keep a flexible itinerary and make spur of the moment decisions taking you to where the best wildlife sightings are at sea and on land. Ocean Nova can handle challenging ice conditions and go farther than some larger ships and make landings where other ships simply can’t reach. This makes travel feel like how the pioneering explorers of the past did.

Why sail on Ocean Nova?

  • Ocean Nova is a sturdy and nimble vessel, perfect for sailing the ice-choked waters of Antarctica.
  • Cozy and comfortable Scandinavian design with a true expeditionary spirit.
  • For our air-cruises, Ocean Nova has a capacity of only 67 guests offering an intimate polar experience away from the crowds.
  • Antarctic regulations limit the number of visitors on land to a maximum of 100. With Ocean Nova, all guests can explore the continent at the same time, with no waiting times and no need to take turns.
  • Skip the stormy Drake Passage and fly to Antarctica in comfort.
  • All guests fly together on a single Antarctic flight. This reduces operational complexity and improves efficiency and flexibility.
  • The ship has a fleet of 7 Zodiac boats for landings and wildlife watching. Optional Kayaking, Hiking & Snowshoeing excursions are available.

Ready to reach Antarctica quickly by flight, sail through its immense, icy, and magical landscapes, and enjoy plenty of wildlife and photography opportunities along your journey? Contact us for a custom quote.

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