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On November 1st, Chile´s borders reopen to International Travelers, for us that means its time to return to Antarctica!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

What does it mean to reDiscover Antarctica?

It’s a word we have been talking about a lot here at Antarctica21. It will be their first time stepping foot on the Antarctic continent for most of our guests, but why the “re”? The answer is “we.” This time around, Antarctica21 – our crew, expert guides, pilots, captains are stepping back into this remote destination after a long absence, one we have all felt in some way or another.

The first moment any one of our team members laid eyes on the continent was a life-changing experience, one that brought them back to Antarctica season after season. And while every time, even if it’s the 200th time, is exhilarating, going back now feels more significant than ever.

This return and the emotions that go with it is something that our Antarctica21 team heads back to Antarctica with and a feeling they will share with our guests. For our team and guests, they will reDiscover Antarctica and all of its wild beauty together.

What are we looking forward to reDiscovering?


Antarctica is not a static destination. It is dynamic and constantly changing. Antarctica is an incredible and unique place where photography enthusiasts build a connection that is incomparable to other places on Earth. There’s pure, stark beauty in Antarctica and a sense of remoteness so extreme, it’s as if you’ve traveled to another planet. We invite you to capture the everchanging and immense landscapes and the wildlife that can be found here.

Massive icebergs in Antarctica. Photography by Machu, on a Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise.

Massive icebergs in Antarctica. Photography by Machu, on a Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise.



A land that holds 90% of Earth’s ice, Antarctica stuns visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty. The immensity of the ice and glaciers is a magnificent sight. What makes the Antarctic continent, without a doubt, one of the most mysterious places on the planet is the vast permanent ice sheet that covers it and almost completely hides its topography. The polar cap is so voluminous that it flows toward the coast, making contact with the frozen waters of the Southern Ocean. Thus, we stand before a massive extension of ice, in which the continental ice and sea ice merge together with no apparent interruption.

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There are five species of penguins on the continent – the Adelie, Chinstrap, King, Gentoo, and the Macaroni penguins. Seals have perfectly adapted for life in the Antarctic ecosystem thanks to their warm blubbery bodies and fantastic swimming abilities. There are up to four species of seals that you could see on your visit – the Elephant, Leopard, Crabeater, and the Weddell seals.

Additionally, during your Antarctica expedition at sea, you could see several species of seabirds, including Albatross, Blue-Eyed Shag, Snowy Sheathbill, and more. The Antarctic seas have seasonal visitors, and if you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of one of the three species of whales that visit Antarctica every year – Orca, Humpback, and Minke whales.

Whale jumps out of the waters, in Antarctica. Photography by Jeff Reynolds on a Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise.

Whale jumps out of the waters in Antarctica. Photography by Jeff Reynolds on a Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise.


Exploration on Land

Get on land! Hear the crisp white snow crackle as your snowshoes help you glide along untouched terrain. Grab your walking poles and hike to the best vantage points during our landings. Each excursion location is selected to offer the best views of the surrounding landscapes. Under the leadership of an expert polar mountain guide, you start from the shore and climb to higher elevations, enjoying breathtaking views as you gain ground. Find out about our adventure activities here.

Antarctica Hiking


Adventure in Water

One of the best Antarctica adventures is gliding through Antarctica’s waters on a kayak. With icebergs surrounding you, and wildlife playing inquisitively around your vessel, you’ll see the White Continent as you’ve never imagined. Your Kayak Master navigates you through the calm waters of the Peninsula, pointing out wildlife and natural wonders. The Kayak Master will strive to offer some time at the landing site so you can also explore on land. There is an opportunity to sit back and absorb the indescribable natural beauty at some locations, and the silence is interrupted only by nature’s sounds. It’s a magical experience. Read a sea kayaking testimonial here.

Kayaking in Antarctica. Photography by Ana Carla Martínez on Magellan Explorer's Inaugural Air-Cruise.


Expedition Travel

There are many ways to travel for leisure, but why expedition travel? For a destination like Antarctica, exploration through this vast destination is the best way to experience it. We do this by making landings and discovering different sites. Along the peninsula, we sail on zodiacs for a more intimate sailing experience getting a closer perspective of glaciers and sea mammals. On board, our guides are available to speak with our guests and give educational presentations.

Sightseeing in Antarctica on Magellan Explorer


Natural History

We explore all facets of this wild continent during an Antarctica expedition – from origins to today. About 250 million years ago, Antarctica was in the subtropical band of the planet, covered with abundant forests and inhabited by reptiles and amphibians. It was part of the supercontinent of Gondwana. Subsequently, it permanently separated 65 million years ago and began to drift towards the South Pole. Following its gradual cooling, ice formed, making it the world’s most extreme and inaccessible land. Learn about the natural history throughout your expedition with our expert polar guides.


These are just a few things we are excited to share with our travelers this season, but there is plenty more to discover.  Book a call with us to start planning!

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