The Start of Your Antarctic Air-Cruise: From Punta Arenas to Antarctica

Behind the Scenes in Punta Arenas, Chile with Antarctica21 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Getting from Punta Arenas to Antarctica

The Antarctica21 Antarctic air-cruise is an intricate puzzle. To make it possible, we have two essential teams in Punta Arenas, Chile, that are busy long before your arrival. It might come as a surprise but preparing for an Antarctic air-cruise takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure a seamless expedition starting in Punta Arenas before traveling to Antarctica.

Heading up our Land Services Team is Carolina Manzanares, who has been with the company for 10 years. Our Hospitality Team is headed up by Carolina Pavón, who started as an intern years ago. These two teams put all the pieces together.

Below, you can read about some of the more unexpected details of the Land Services and Hospitality Team’s work and what you can expect in Punta Arenas leading up to your arrival in Antarctica.

1. The Flight Call in Punta Arenas

As you turn down the sheets and set your alarm, the Land Services Team is busy coordinating your flight window to Antarctica with DAP Airlines for your Antarctic air-cruise. Meanwhile, Carolina M. is on the phone non-stop, receiving updates until you are in the air.

Since travel to Antarctica is dependent on the weather, our flight times are too. When we get the okay to fly, both the Land Services and Hospitality Teams quickly organize all guests for their flight – whether at 5 am, noon, or late into the evening to ensure the quickest arrival to the White Continent. Read more about our flights to Antarctica.

Antarctcia21 Starts in Punta Arenas

2. Your Antarctic Concierge in Punta Arenas

Our Hospitality Team meets you at the Punta Arenas airport, ready to give you a warm welcome and start your adventure. This team is with you until the moment you board your Antarctic flight to answer all your questions. Their job is to make you feel at home, far away from home, while also preparing you for the last-minute details of your expedition.

Carolina P. is in constant communication with our ship Hotel Team to ensure smooth coordination of any personal requests, language requirements, celebrations, or whatever else needs planning for you ahead of time.

3. The Boot Fitting in Punta Arenas

As the saying goes, ”There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Having the right outdoor gear is paramount for a comfortable experience in Antarctica. In fact, we have you covered and provide the boots for your trip. By the time you get to Punta Arenas, Chile, our Hospitality team has your shoe size, and your Antarctic boots are ready to go.

On your welcome day, you try on your boots then go to dinner. While you’re enjoying some traditional Chilean cuisine, our team goes to work getting all those boots to the right hotel room in Punta Arenas and ready for you to wear on the first day of your Antarctic adventure!

Antarctica21 Boot fitting in Punta Areans before traveling to Antarctica

Antarctica21 Boot fitting in Punta Areans before traveling to Antarctica

4. Quick Boarding in Punta Arenas for Antarctica 

We know preparing for your trip and getting to Punta Arenas, Chile, has been a lot of work for you. To help ensure you get your mind in “expedition” mode, the check-in at the Punta Arenas airport for your flight to Antarctica is extra speedy. As our team gives you your boarding pass, drop your bag off and then head to your gate for quick boarding for your flight to Antarctica.

5. Antarctica21 Has Friends in Punta Arenas

Antarctica21 was created by Chileans and is based in Chile. This is a major advantage because our Land Services Team members are friends with and personally know most of our suppliers. As a result, if any changes in the weather or anything unexpected occurs, you can count on an army of trusted providers to help ensure the changes are as seamless as possible for you.

6. The Contingency Plan

We mentioned the weather a few times, and it’s true, every expedition to Antarctica is at the whim of mother nature. Of course, we have a Contingency Plan in place for changes we need to make due to weather-related delays for our Antarctic air-cruise.

Suppose it’s a few extra hours on the ground? Our team can arrange some sightseeing in Patagonia. An extra night? Our Team will have an additional hotel night in Punta Arenas ready for you (78.9% of our flights have left on the scheduled day!). Read more about our contingency plan on our travel tips page.

In any case, it’s our Land Services and Hospitality Teams that whip up a little magic to keep your adventure moving. While you might be sleeping or out having dinner, our on-the-ground teams are busy moving all those puzzle pieces together for one trip of a lifetime.

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