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When considering travelers’ reviews, one must remember that every traveller is different, as are their expectations.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

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Many Antarctica21 travelers have reviewed their Antarctic air-cruise experience on TripAdvisor, offering a cumulative review score of 4.5 out of 5 that has earned us the TripAdvisor® 2017 Certificate of Excellence.


User KathleenCeciliaK, a Level 5 contributor, has provided 50 reviews on TripAdvisor of her travel experiences. She rates her air-cruise with Antarctica21 5 out 5 and writes: “I am short of words to express how wonderful it was. Everything superb from the moment you arrive to Punta Arenas airport.”

Users SeeAllYouCanSee, Level 6 contributors who have provided nearly 100 reviews, also rated their Antarctica21 experience 5 out of 5. They write: “We chose the air and cruise combo in order to avoid sailing the Drake Passage. We spent an amazing week on the Ocean Nova. The entire experience was amazing.”

User Hrvnyc, a Level 6 contributor with over 150 reviews, writes: “Everything was superbly organized.” The user rates the air-cruise experience 5 out of 5 and closes the review by stating: “I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I highly recommend this trip.” 

Not all reviews are positive. User Globetrecker123 who has provided only one review on TripAdvisor, was a participant in the only air-cruise that was ever interrupted due to unfavorable weather conditions. Understandably, the user rates the experience very poorly. It should be noted that after that occurrence, Antarctica21 updated its contingency plan. We introduced a final risk-management system that allows us to offer a full refund of the cruise fare should we be unable to take travelers to Antarctica by 2 PM of Day 4 of the itinerary.

When considering travelers’ reviews, one must remember that every traveller is different, as are their expectations. As a result the way the same trip is experienced varies from individual to individual. Also, the circumstances of every trip can vary: A number of elements can affect a trip in a positive or a negative way, with events unfolding differently at different times.

With that in mind, the impressions of other travelers can be very helpful to those planning a trip. Together with a careful review of the promotional material for the program under consideration and the advice of a professional travel planner, travelers’ reviews provide an extra layer of insight that can assist the decision-making process.

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