Traveling Solo to Antarctica: My advice, Just Go!

As a woman who likes to travel alone, Antarctica was a wonderful place to go.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

As a woman who likes to see the world solo, traveling alone to Antarctica was the perfect fit. I met people who were interested in the Earth and its inhabitants and created memories that cannot be matched anywhere else on this planet.

When I travel alone, I look for a company that is organized and provides information about the trip from end-to-end. I tend to book with companies that give quick responses and are attentive to their customers. This is a priority when traveling alone to Antarctica as you only have them to rely on. I also look for a company that provides more than just the trip: advice on travel and flights, insurance, packing and recommendations for pre/post trip hotspots shows me I am in good hands.

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you are going to be lonely, especially in a place as remote as the white continent and on a small ship like the one I sailed on with Antarctica21. You will without a doubt be welcomed to someone’s dinner table and the crew will know you by name. People will want to know; where you have come from, what it is like traveling alone, where have you been, and what book you are reading. These are common conversations you have when traveling alone. You can also form great bonds with people you meet on your journey, potentially making lifelong friends. Then there’s just time for you. When you travel alone, there is no compromise on an agenda, you get to plan your day exactly how you would like to do it. I find it more fulfilling at times because I get to tick-off everything on my “to-do “ list. For Antarctica, that list was a big one.

I did snowshoeing, hiking, and even the polar plunge. Every day I would kayak out with my guide to see what wildlife we could see. My best encounter was with an adult leopard seal that was floating on an iceberg. He was huge and looked prehistoric. While staying at a respectable distance, we watched him as he gazed out at us from his icy perch. As our kayak bobbed closer, we calmly and slowly backed away. The seal yawned, showing a full set of sharp teeth, and my heart jumped. I felt very small and humbled by the moment. It was magnificent.

Of all the places I have traveled to Antarctica was by far the most visually stunning. The views from above on the plane, from the land in snowshoes, and from the sea inside a kayak were all incredible.

Floating on the calm, cold sea in a bright red kayak is a visual I treasure. If you are thinking of go to Antarctica and want to go alone, my advice – just go! How many people get to say they traveled to Antarctica? Be one of those people.

Bio: Maryse is a business development executive from London and based in New York, traveled with Antarctica21 on a Classic Antarctica air-cruise in December 2018. She travels extensively for work and fun and enjoys traveling alone. Her next solo trip is Chilean Patagonia in 2020 with a friend she made in Antarctica.

Traveling Solo with Antarctica21: If you are a solo traveler and want to experience Antarctica, we would be happy to go through our different options with you. Single travellers can choose between booking a dedicated single cabin, or booking a shared cabin with another passenger of the same gender. Antarctica21 will take care of finding the matching companion. (Note: This last option has an additional single room hotel supplement, the price varies depending on the itinerary.)

To learn more about solo travel with Antarctica21, contact us today!

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