[Video] Capturing the Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Past guest, Matej Pucek, tells us about his experience photographing and recording his experience during a Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Capturing the Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Being part of an eye-opening experience is a rare opportunity that is presented to you only a few times in life. During the 2021-2022 season, Matej Pucek visited Antarctica for the first time on a Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise. After two years of planning and preparing for what would be his dream adventure, Matej finally made it to the White Continent and summarized his experience as, ”One of the best experiences of my life. It felt like we were on another planet or in space somewhere, pretty surreal.”

With a particular interest in wildlife and remote places, Matej found Antarctica to be the perfect match. That’s why he geared up with a Panasonic GH5 to shoot and record all the unique sights he was surely would have on his first Antarctic expedition.

Starting with a delightful experience on board our flagship Magellan Explorer, Matej happily told us about the fantastic attention and warm welcome the crew offered, ‘’What exceeded my expectation was the staff and how the whole trip was built around the client.’’ He also shared with us how much he enjoyed spending time with fellow explorers in the ship’s common areas.

Although snowshoeing and the polar plunge steal the hearts of many, it was the sea kayaking that delighted Matej the most. For him, it was a surreal experience that immersed him into the wild paradise that Antarctica represents for many.

Photography and video recording are always great tools for our adventurers. No matter the equipment, the possibility of saving a bit of this incredible experience is the perfect way to make your journey last forever and relive it with your friends and family.

For Matej, the whole continent was a new fascinating playground that gifted him with exciting objects to capture every day. He shared with us how photographing a whale presented him with a new challenge because of the fast speed of this creature and the breathtaking effect it creates.

In a more reflective view, Matej shared with us how his Antarctic expedition helped him create a better understanding of nature. Something about the proximity of whales to his expedition ship made him realize how we are only witnessing this story that’s been created by wild animals and nature for millennia. Antarctica’s rugged scenery helps everyone understand how important it is for humanity to preserve such a strong yet fragile universe.

Matej created a fantastic video of his travel experience. We invite you to watch his video to discover through his lens all those things that made him stunned at the raw beauty of the Seventh Continent.

The story, photos, and video are provided by Matej Pucek who traveled with Antarctica21 on Magellan Explorer from December 6 – 13, 2021 on a Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise.

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