Photographing Antarctica on a Polar Circle Expedition

Past guest, Dede Pickering, shares her photography experience in Antarctica sailing aboard Antarctica21’s boutique ship Ocean Nova.

Monday, March 14, 2022

What It’s Like to Photograph Antarctica on a Polar Circle Expedition 

During her first trip to Antarctica in 2007, Dede Pickering crossed the Drake Passage on a small expedition ship. While she wouldn’t trade her experience of sailing the treacherous Drake Passage, her return to the continent with Antartica21 on an air-cruise expedition was an absolute game-changer.

Not only did she save valuable time by flying directly to the continent for her Polar Circle Expedition, but she also traveled even further south than she had ever been before. The result: she arrived rested, ready, and energized to explore the Last Continent

Antarctica21 - Dede Pickering - Polar Circle

Polar Circle Expedition aboard Ocean Nova

Dede is an Antarctica travel pro. She has traveled to the continent with Antarctica 21 aboard the Ocean Nova three times: in 2016, 2018, and 2020, with her next departure already booked for 2023. She loves traveling aboard our small ship, Ocean Nova, for many reasons.

Not only does the boutique vessel feel like just the right size for her optimal comfort but she also enjoys how the courteous staff always make her feel welcome and right at home.


Her preferred air-cruise is the Polar Circle Expedition, one of the most adventurous experiences we offer. On this 10-day expedition, we actively seek to take travelers like Dede to the Antarctic Polar Circle, which is around 66° south of the equator.

Are you wondering why Dede keeps returning to Antarctica? 

She travels with a small group of experienced photographers for Digital Photo Destination workshops led by John Paul Caponigro and Seth Resnick. For photographers like herself, these trips afford them the chance to capture the Last Continent’s snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and icebergs under the watchful eye of an expert photographer.

Antarctica21 - Dede Pickering- Polar Circle

The customized trips take each traveler’s digital photography to the next level during workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and reviews. While many people see traveling to Antarctica as a once-in-a-lifetime expedition, Dede is grateful she’s been able to return time and time again to capture the continent’s wilds.

As an ever-curious creative, Dede is always on the prowl for image opportunities. This includes hunting for attributes to make them unique, from the lines, colors, and shapes of ice to the magnificent light and wide-open skies that paint the landscapes. After traveling to Antarctica several times (and all the other six continents of the world), Dede believes the continent is unlike anywhere in the world and unique in all it has to offer. 

Antarctica21 - Dede Pickering - Polar Circle

Beyond the magical photo opportunities, Antarctica gives travelers like Dede a chance to reflect on the glory of mother nature. “It engrains you with a certain type of awareness of the planet and your place in it,” says Dede. “There is no other experience like Antarctica. I can’t wait to return!”


Story and photos by photographer Dede Pickering. To see more of Dede’s images, visit her Instagram: @DedePickering.

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