South Georgia & the Falkland Islands

Pair a rich adventure experience in the Falklands (Malvinas) with an in-depth visit to South Georgia.

Itinerary at a Glance

Combine the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) and South Georgia with this 15-day expedition. Start in the Falklands and enjoy watching rockhopper and gentoo penguins in their native habitat. From your zodiac spot Black-browed albatrosses and petrels high above. Hike into the local settlements and meet the people who have made this island home for generations.

From there, set sail for South Georgia and its mountains, which are permanently covered in thick layers of ice and snow. On this island, wildlife is king. Visit one of the world’s largest king penguin colonies and watch elephant seals relaxing on the shores. As we sail from bay to bay, watch out for whales and beautiful seabirds flying overhead.

  • Day 1: Port Stanley, Embarkation Pick up at the airport in Port Stanley, town visit, and embarkation.
  • Day 2: Saunders Island, Carcass Island During a morning visit to Saunders Island we enjoy the long white-sand beach. A wilderness experience, the main attractions there are rockhopper penguins, nesting black browed albatross, and sub-Antarctic gentoo penguins. In the afternoon we visit Carcass Island. There is an option for an easy hike to the settlement, bird watching, and a typical Falklands tea experience.
  • Days 3: New Island, Weddell Island We visit New Island, a classic West Falklands experience, with albatross & penguin colonies. Depending on local conditions, in the afternoon we could visit Weddell Island.
  • Day 4: Bleaker Island Morning landing at Bleaker Island. This is a natural reserve with a famous bird area featuring a large variety of birds. In the afternoon we head to South Georgia.
  • Day 5 - 6: At Sea As we sail toward South Georgia, attend an engaging program of lectures and presentations. In the company of expert guides, watch for wildlife from the lounge or from the outside decks. You may spot magnificent seabirds, such as albatrosses and petrels, as well as different species of whales.
  • Day 7: Elsehul Bay Depending on sea conditions over the previous days, arrival is planned for the afternoon. Provided we receive approval from the South Georgia Government, we plan to do an evening Zodiac cruise at Elsehul Bay.
  • Day 8: Grytviken, Fortuna Bay Our first landing is at Grytviken. We clear Customs and then visit the historical site, with the museum and Ernest Shackleton’s grave. In the afternoon, we land at Fortuna Bay / Stromness to see king penguins. Here we learn more about Shackleton and his expedition. There is also an optional 2-3 hour “Shackleton walk”.
  • Day 9: Gold Harbour, Cooper Bay In the morning we plan a landing at Gold Harbour. This is a spectacular location with king penguins, elephant seals and hanging glaciers. There are also sooty albatross here. In the afternoon, we visit Cooper Bay to see macaroni penguins during a Zodiac cruise.
  • Day 10: St Andrews Bay, Ocean Harbour St Andrews Bay is the destination of our morning excursion. We see the largest king penguin colony, and elephant seal bulls. In the afternoon, we plan a Zodiac cruise and landing at Ocean Harbour. The highlights here are a shipwreck and remains of the whaling industry.
  • Day 11: Prion Island, Salisbury Plain In the morning we plan to visit Prion Island to see the nesting wandering albatross. In the afternoon, we head to Salisbury Plain for more king penguins and stunning landscapes.
  • Day 12 - 14: At Sea As we make our way back to the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) our program of lectures and presentations continues.
  • Day 15: Port Stanley, Disembarkation Upon arrival at Port Stanley we disembark and transfer to the airport for the ongoing flight.
Map of the Falklands & South Georgia - Sub-Antarctic Voyage Itinerary by Antarctica21

Photo Album: Falklands & South Georgia

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Explore golden hour in the Falkland Islands with our expert guides.

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Enjoy views of the wildlife like these Elephant seals in the Falkland Islands.

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Enjoy the beautiful living spaces like Magellan Explorer´s library while at sea en route to South Georgia.

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Magellan Explorer sailing in the Southern Ocean.

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Spot the Northern Giant Petrel found in South Georgia.

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On a trip to South Georgia, you will see many king penguins going about their daily lives.

Magellan Explorer

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‘’Many thanks for a great trip. All aspects of our holiday have been excellent. Service and care from the crew have been first class. We look forward to seeing you all again.’’

Dave & Ann S.

Falklands (Malvinas) & South Georgia Sea Voyage, October 2022


‘’Thank you for allowing me to join you on the best adventure of my life. Every moment was magic. Truly thank you! You are an inspiration’’


Falklands (Malvinas) & South Georgia Sea Voyage, October 2022


‘’Fabulous ship, fantastic crew! Absolutely brilliant trip- all weather, lots of wildlife. What more could you possibly ask for?’’

Alison K.

Falklands (Malvinas) & South Georgia Sea Voyage, October 2022

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