Sail through the Patagonia & Chilean Fjords

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Discover the Untamed Beauty of Patagonia & Chilean Fjords

Patagonia, one of the southernmost regions of the world in Chile and Argentina, is dotted with massive blue-hued glaciers with the sharp peaks of the Andes mountains as its spine. This untamed terrain is home to striking fjords, channels, emerald lakes, and islets with beaches teeming with marine wildlife, birds, and stunning natural landscapes.

Patagonia is a vast region of land and archipelagos stretching over 1,000 mi (1,600 km) north to south with preserved natural beauty and adventure. It is a unique place on the planet where its soul-stirring landscapes claim native flora and fauna, like the famous pumas and guanacos roaming the pampas or the condors soaring between the peaks of the Andes. Along the shores, you can see whale pods, dolphins, and penguins migrating south while seals, sea lions, and
otters laze on the beaches.

On a sea voyage expedition with us, you can uncover the many mysteries and natural wonders that the Chilean Patagonia has up its sleeves.

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Sites of interest

Strait of Magellan

We visit Carlos III Island in the Strait of Magellan. This region is part of the Francisco Coloane Marine Park, the first marine park and the only place in the southern hemisphere where Humpback whales feed outside Antarctica. If you are lucky, you may be able to bear witness to Humpback or Sei whales breaching at a distance in the sea. You may also have sightings of dolphins, sea lions, seals, penguins, albatrosses, and petrels.

Beagle Channel

The Beagle Channel is a striking narrow passage in the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, partly belonging to both Chile and Argentina. The Beagle Channel, with the Strait of Magellan to the north and the Drake Passage to the south, is one of the three navigable passages in South America connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

San Rafael Glacier

Declared a Biosphere Reserve, the park is the main entry point to Chile’s Northern Icefields. San Rafael Glacier is the main attraction, but we will also enjoy exploring the surrounding fjords, channels, islands, and coves.

Glacier Alley

We will sail along Glacier Alley, a 240 km (150 mi) stretch within the Beagle Channel in Southern Chile, home to a family of five glaciers, the Holanda, Italia, Francia, Alemania, and Romanche glaciers. These spectacular ice formations sprawl along the sea, forming part of the Southern Patagonian Ice field and the snow-dusted Darwin Range.

Amalia Glacier

The Amalia Glacier covers an area of 3 km (2 mi), a vast glacier along the Peel Fjord in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park. It is part of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field surrounding the Reclus Volcano. Enjoy the glacier’s icy-blue beauty and cruise along its ice floes across the sea to uncover part of Chile’s natural mystique. As you sail between snow-capped peaks to get a closer look at the glacier and its brilliant yet rugged textures, you may spot dolphins swimming at a distance, cormorants or condors flying above, and otters.

Puerto Edén

We sail the dramatic, 18 m (59 ft)-wide English Narrows on our way to the famous fishing village of Puerto Eden, one of Chile’s most isolated settlements. The village sits on the eastern side of Wellington Island and is only accessible by sea. Puerto Eden has no roads. Instead, a network of wooden boardwalks connects the houses and establishments. Rich evergreens cover the landscape steeped in indigenous traditions and culture, being home to the Kawéskar people.

Gulf of Penas

Beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges surround the Gulf of Penas. Learn about the indigenous inhabitants of these southern lands, the early Spanish colonizers, and famous explorers such as Charles Darwin, Fitz Roy, and Alberto de Agostini.

Antarctica21's Boutique Expeditions

Our expeditions include Antarctic Air-Cruises, and Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Sea Voyages.


Our air-cruises offer travelers a comfortable alternative to the 2-day sail across the rough seas of the Drake Passage. Our boutique-style wilderness Antarctica expeditions include a 2-hour flight to and from Antarctica and skipping the Drake Passage. Once there, you board your expedition ship and where your Antarctic adventure begins. Quickly immerse yourself in the 7th Continent—no stormy crossing or seasickness.

Sea Voyages

Our sea voyages to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands are high-end wilderness adventures, not cruises. All of these trips are onboard our new and most modern polar vessels, Magellan Explorer and Ocean Nova, feeling like a private yacht. This small expedition ship gives you privileged access to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands.

Image of Expedition Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Image of Expedition Polar Circle Air-Cruise

Polar Circle Air-Cruise

Image of Expedition Antarctica Express Air-Cruise

Antarctica Express Air-Cruise

Image of Expedition Antarctica & South Georgia Air-Cruise

Antarctica & South Georgia Air-Cruise

Image of Expedition Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia & Antarctica

Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia & Antarctica

Image of Expedition Falklands (Malvinas) & South Georgia

Falklands (Malvinas) & South Georgia

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