Hadleigh Measham

Hadleigh has been living and working in the polar regions since 2008, spending most of his time on ice-strengthened vessels and icebreakers. Since graduating from university with a degree focused on genetics he has spent up to eight months of each year in the field. He works in West Antarctica and also around most of the Arctic regions. In 2017 Hadleigh visited the North Pole four times. Hadleigh is from the U.K. though rarely spends much time at home. When not in the field he is often involved in operational consulting or enjoying some of his hobby sports including skiing, alpine mountaineering and mountain biking. He is also a keen diver and when recently living and working in a remote camp on Somerset Island, Arctic Canada he organized and conducted a series of dives with beluga whales. Hadleigh lectures on a range of topics including the fauna encountered in both hemispheres but devotes most of his time to polar history.