Tennessee Blackmore

From the UK, Tennessee was born with an unexplainable pull to the South Atlantic. He began his life on expeditions aged 18 in the sweltering rainforests of Borneo and remote outposts in the Himalayas before finally heeding a lifelong call South in the footsteps of great polar pioneers. A South Atlantic historian, Tennessee is an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Royal Anthropological Institute. He has worked on and consulted on a number of historical projects relating to the history of the Falklands and South Georgia, specializing in the Falklands War, 1982. Tennessee has a fervent fascination with the history of polar exploration and is presently writing the first dedicated biography of Sir James Clark Ross. Having worked in Polar Tourism since 2018, his greatest passion in life is to connect people with the stranger-than-fiction and often-forgotten human history of the ends of the earth.