Unveiling the New Magellan Discoverer

Official sailing the Antarctic seas during the 2026-27 season. Crafted as a sister ship to Magellan Explorer, it features an innovative and elegant design paired with environmental sustainability at heart.

Antarctica21's New State-Of-The-Art Polar Vessel

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development in the world of Antarctic exploration. Building on our legacy of providing boutique, small-ship expeditions to the White Continent, Antarctica21 is proud to introduce the latest addition to our fleet: Magellan Discoverer, set to embark on voyages in the 2026-27 Antarctic season.

Magellan Discoverer is a promise of innovative design and environmental stewardship, crafted as a sister ship to the esteemed Magellan Explorer. While mirroring its sibling in elegance and style, Magellan Discoverer charts its own course with remarkable enhancements.

Magellan Discoverer will be built at the ASENAV shipyard in Valdivia, Chile, the same shipyard that built Magellan Explorer.

Antarctica21 unveils Magellan Discoverer design

A ​Cutting-Edge ​Ship ​Designed ​Exclusively ​for Antarctic Exploration

Magellan Discoverer sails ahead with its cutting-edge hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system and active stabilizers that enable a smoother, quieter journey through the icy wonders. 

Like Magellan Explorer, Magellan Discoverer meets the stringent PC6 ice class specifications and flaunts a similar boutique, yacht-like aesthetic. For Antarctic air-cruises, Magellan Discoverer will welcome up to 76 guests in 40 cabins across three passenger decks. Like Magellan Explorer, Magellan Discoverer complies with the stringent Tier III emission standard and champions environmental responsibility with its hybrid diesel-electric propulsion and heat recovery systems. The vessel features a spacious dining area, versatile meeting rooms, a stylish observation lounge and bar, a well-equipped gym, and an inviting gift shop. The accessible bow draws guests closer to the awe-inspiring waters they sail. 

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76 guests for Antarctic air-cruises

Staff & Crew



17.2 m


94 m


4.3 m


2 Fully enclosed, capacity 57 Persons (both equipped to serve as rescue boats)


2 x 1,800 kW

Ice class


Cruising speed

13 knots in open water

Magellan Discoverer Highlights

A New Era of Antarctic Exploration

Magellan Discoverer is not just a new vessel; it’s a vessel of promise and innovation, crafted as a sister ship to the esteemed Magellan Explorer. It reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and our dedication to serving the premium segment of the Antarctic travel market.

Magellan Discoverer Highlights

Design and Features

Mirroring the elegance and style of its sibling Magellan Explorer, Magellan Discoverer brings its own set of remarkable enhancements. For our Antarctic air-cruises, the vessel will accommodate up to 76 guests in 40 cabins across three passenger decks, maintaining our boutique, yacht-like experience. Each cabin, including eight Grand Veranda Suites, two Family Suites, two Triple Veranda Cabins, twenty-two Deluxe Veranda Cabins, and six Single Veranda Cabins, offers a choice of either a king-size bed or two twin beds, comfortable sitting areas, and private balconies.

Magellan Discoverer Highlights

Environmental Responsibility

In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, Magellan Discoverer is equipped with heat recovery systems and complies with the stringent Tier III emission standards. It also introduces a wet science lab to support scientific research in Antarctica.

Magellan Discoverer Highlights

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Experience

The ship features a hybrid-electric propulsion system with powerful MAN main engines and innovative Azipods® provided by ABB, paired with a Corvus battery-based Energy Storage System. This ensures a smoother and quieter journey, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Antarctica fully.

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