Our Antarctcia Flights

Arrive to the White Continent after a fast, two-hour Antarctcia flight from Punta Arenas, Chile.

Skip the Drake Passage on an Antarctica Flight

Fly over the Drake Passage directly to Antarctica, where you start your wilderness expedition and avoid any potential sea-sickness.

Land on the 7th Continent

Sit back and relax as you fly to King George Island in Antarctica, the start of your air-cruise adventure.

About Our Aircraft

For our Antarctica flights, we use three similar aircraft: the BAE 146-200, the AVRO RJ 85, and the AVRO RJ 100. These aircraft were manufactured in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace (which later became part of BAE Systems). They are high-wing aircraft with short runway requirements, which means they are particularly suited for our destinations. They are operated by Aerovías DAP, which has more than 25 years of experience flying in Patagonia and Antarctica.


Preferred Seating on Your Antarctica Flight

For an extra level of comfort, you can purchase Preferred Seats on your Antarctic flight. This option offers you a guaranteed aisle or window seat at the front of the aircraft. It also offers you priority boarding in Punta Arenas and an amenities kit.

Please note: due to the nature of the operation in Antarctica, priority boarding is not available on the return flight. Capacity is limited to rows 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the aircraft.

Per-person price: 
Classic Antarctica Air-Cruises (round-trip): $ 495 USD
Polar Circle Air-Cruises (round-trip): $ 495 USD
All other itineraries (one-way): $245 USD
Note: Space is limited. 

Air-Cruise Expeditions

Image of Expedition Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Image of Expedition Polar Circle Air-Cruise

Polar Circle Air-Cruise

Image of Expedition Antarctica Express Air-Cruise

Antarctica Express Air-Cruise

Image of Expedition Antarctica & South Georgia Air-Cruise

Antarctica & South Georgia Air-Cruise


“Antarctica is, without doubt, an amazing place. If you ever get a chance (or 5) to visit, do it. For our cruise, we went with Antarctica21 and it was a great experience.”

Michael, Traveler from USA

TripAdvisor, January 2020


“The Classic Antarctica air-cruise was amazing, thanks in part to our experienced and friendly guides. I especially enjoyed exploring alongside a bird naturalist, a marine mammals biologist, and a polar historian and explorer (who skied to both poles!)”

Mary, Traveler from USA

TripAdvisor, December 2019


“Antarctica is breathtaking, and Antarctica21 provides an over the top travel experience.”

J.W., Traveler from USA

TripAdvisor, January 2020

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