How to Prepare for Zodiac Rides & Landings Like a Pro

Antarctica21 Expedition Business Development Manager, Laura Gerwin, gives us the best tips to keep in mind while preparing for a Zodiac ride.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

In October 2022, Antarctica21 Business Development Manager Laura Gerwin traveled on the South Georgia & Falklands (Malvinas) Sea Voyage. In this Journal post, she gives us some tips on how to prepare for Zodiac rides like a pro!

Zodiac rides are a thrilling part of an expedition to Antarctica. They’re the way we get to and from shore, as well as how we explore the area’s waterways to spot bobbing icebergs and perhaps the lone seal atop an ice floe.

‘’Zodiac rides are always one of everyone’s favorite aspects of a trip,’’ says Laura. ‘’And at Antarctica21, we make it super easy to get on and off the vessel by having a strong, sturdy person on each side of the Zodiac assisting you-it’s like going downstairs with two hands helping you.’’

These are four of Laura’s top tips on how to prepare for Zodiac rides like a pro!

Get Waterproof Gear

‘’You always want to be waterproof when boarding a Zodiac, so I recommend Gore-Tex tops and bottoms and waterproof backpacks or dry bags,’’ says Laura. ‘’Sometimes the floor of the Zodiac can be wet, so it’s great to have this extra protection for your valuables like cameras and binoculars.’’

Be Hands-Free

‘’For the most enjoyable way to take in the landscape during your Zodiac ride, I recommend going hands-free,’’ says Laura. ‘’This makes it easier to get in and out of the boat on landings, and you can still have your camera in your backpack, ready to go!’’

Keep Your Go-Pro or Smartphone Handy

‘’You can stay hands-free but prepared by keeping your smartphone or go-pro in the pocket of your waterproof jacket,’’ says Laura. ‘’This is especially handy for surprise whale sightings-it’s all about easy access.’’

Remember Your Face Coverings

‘’At times, Antarctica can be quite windy,’’ says Laura. ‘’While you can always put your back to the wind, you may also want goggles, polarized sunglasses, or a balaclava for the short rides to shore.’’

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