Introducing the Antarctica21 Foundation

The Antarctica21 Foundation is inspired by exploration, science, cooperation, and sustainability.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Introducing the Antarctica21 Foundation

As 2021 ends, we are looking back and feeling grateful for many things, including sailing in Antarctica again after a season of absence. We’re also grateful for the launch of the Antarctica21 Foundation earlier this year.

Twenty-one people from our company and its associates came together to establish the Antarctica21 Foundation. It supports important Antarctic projects, including science on board Antarctica21 ships, and a pilot project to identify how green hydrogen can be used as an energy source for Chile’s Antarctic bases.

Antarctica21 Foundation’s Main Projects

The Antarctic Time Tunnel

Using space available at Antarctica21’s Explorers House, the Foundation seeks to offer the local, national and international community an interpretive sample of Antarctica’s natural and cultural history, emphasizing Antarctic knowledge and the spirit of exploration of southern lands and seas.

An Antarctic Photography Book

The exploration of southern latitudes is full of stories, anecdotes, and epic journeys to draw valuable lessons. We want to offer a photographic book that illustrates the values of the White Continent and the opportunities it provides for the future of our planet and the next generations.

Science On Board Antarctica21 Ships

Antarctica21 ships spend almost 300 days sailing in Antarctica each season. They represent a very attractive platform that can support scientific data collection and monitoring efforts. The Foundation is working to establish a data generation program and to make data sets available to the national and international scientific community, supporting the study of climate change, ocean-atmosphere interaction, ocean acidification, migration of mammals and birds, and more.

Green Hydrogen at Antarctic Bases

The main contributor to the carbon footprint of Antarctic stations is their electrical power source and heating system. The Foundation is working to develop projects that support the energy transition of these facilities, taking advantage of green hydrogen opportunities under development in Chile’s Magallanes Region. The Foundation has signed a cooperation agreement with GIZ, a German service provider in international cooperation for sustainable development, and the Chilean Antarctic Institute to begin a pilot project that aims to equip Chile’s Prof. Julio Escudero Base with green hydrogen-based energy sources.

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