New Antarctic Brochure & Promotions for the 2023-24 Season

A full list of departures, dates, and pricing, promotions, and additional activities and packages.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

On January 19, 2022, we launched our new Antarctic Air-Cruise brochure for the 2023 – 2024 season. You can begin planning ahead and book your next epic adventure. You can find a full list of departures, dates, and pricing in our new brochure.

Antarctica21 is the pioneer in the air-cruise model, and most of our itineraries include round-trip flights to Antarctica, saving up to 4 days of sailing and spending more time exploring. We specialize in small ship Antarctic expeditions providing our guests with boutique onboard hospitality and an intimate experience with the White Continent

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Below you can also review our:

Our Four Antarctic Air-Cruise Itineraries

Fly to Antarctica in just two hours over the Drake Passage avoiding the discomfort of a rough sea crossing. Our Antarctic flight and cruise model allows you to arrive in Antarctica in comfort and style.

Once there, cruise along the Antarctic Peninsula making daily Zodiac landings, enjoying wildlife experiences, and joining our expert polar guides in an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Classic Antarctica

  • Our most popular air-cruise expedition
  • Starting at $11,495 USD per person

Antarctica Express

  • An introductory and affordable Antarctic experience
  • Starting at $4,995 USD

Polar Circle

  • An adventure to the Antarctic Circle
  • Starting at $15,995 USD per person

Antarctica & South Georgia

  • Two Epic Destinations to Explore
  • Starting at $14,995 USD per person

Note: All prices listed here are per person based on triple occupancy.

2023-24 Antarctic Promotions & Packages

For our new 2023-2024 Antarctic air-cruise season, we have two limited availability promotions. To take advantage of these benefits, we recommend booking early!

Flexible Booking Packages

The “Flex” packages are designed to add flexibility and peace of mind to our guest’s reservations. Just like airlines that offer increased flexibility with different airfare options, when one of these packages is added to a reservation, the traveler can make a change without penalty or cancel for any reason and receive a full refund. Packages are limited.

Antarctica21 Flexible Booking Packages Cover 2023-24 Season

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Our Additional Services

Sea Kayaking in Antarctica

Our Sea Kayaking program is an exclusive experience limited to a maximum of 10 participants per departure, under the guidance and leadership of an experienced Kayak Master, who takes our guests on a sea journey through icy waters while observing massive glaciers and aquatic wildlife.

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Hiking & Snowshoeing in Antarctica

This excursion takes active travelers who wish to explore further while on land. A Hiking and Snowshoeing Guide leads a small group of adventurers as they gain elevation and explore the landscape.

Antarctica21 Hiking and Snowshoeing Cover 2023-24 Season

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Extra Services

Complete your air-cruise booking with pre and post-expedition hotel and transfer packages. This includes details for all our additional services and adventure activities.

Antarctica21 Extra Services Cover 2023-24 Season

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Worry-Free Expedition Travel 

Together with a team of international partners, we have developed robust protocols for the safe operation of expedition travel. Review our current Travel Requirements to ensure your trip is one without worry. We will continue to update this plan as global responses to the pandemic evolve, incorporating all the latest knowledge, guidelines, and protocols.

Begin your Antarctic adventure today! Book a call with us to start planning.

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The Antarctic Flight Guide, Antarctica21

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This essential guide includes:

  • Insider information on flights to Antarctica
  • The pros and cons of sailing and flying to Antarctica
  • Weather information and detailed flight statistics
  • Expert tips to consider before booking

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