What Drew You to Antarctica

Our Expedition Team work tirelessly, seven days a week during the season, to bring all of our guests the most memorable experience of their lives.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Our Antarctica expedition team work tirelessly, seven days a week during the season, to bring all of our guests the most memorable experience of their lives. So, we wondered what first drew them to Antarctica and to working on an expedition ship as a guide in Antarctica. Here’s what they had to say.

Name: Anastasia Ezhova
Country: Russia
Onboard position: Shopkeeper, Zodiac Driver

“A passion for visiting the most remote places on the planet.”


Name: Sarah Merusi
Country: USA
Onboard position: Quality Manager

“After the first trip I did to Antarctica years ago, I knew I wanted to explore the rest of the Peninsula. The best way to get further south is with an expedition cruise. So, when the opportunity came up for me to apply for the Quality Manager position, I was set on getting back to Antarctica that way!”


Name: Jamie Watts
Country: UK
Onboard position: Naturalist, Educational Coordinator or Expedition Leader

“I was drawn here for the wildlife; I worked as a base biologist before joining the expedition ships. Ships would visit the base and I would go on board and give a talk about the science work we were doing and life on base.”


Name: Jonathan Walton
Country: UK
Onboard position: Lecturer, Historian, Story Teller, and Anything Else That Needs Doing

“I enjoy sharing my love of Antarctica with others and seeing newcomers to the continent fall under its spell.”


Name: Tim Thomas
Country: USA
Onboard position: Zodiac Driver and Sea Kayak Guide

“What initially drew me to Antarctica was to go somewhere completely amazing for the turn of the century (the South Pole). The reason I work on expedition ships is that it is the best way to experience as much of the grandeur that the Antarctic has to offer (in my opinion).”


Name: Krystle Wright
Country: Australia
Onboard position: Zodiac Driver and Media Coordinator

“To be honest, it was one of those crazy situations that came out of the blue for me. I was recovering from a paragliding accident in Pakistan and a little bit lost with what to do as I no longer wanted to live in Sydney and was ready to take a giant leap. I received a phone call out of nowhere from an old friend who asked if I wanted to work in Antarctica and of course my answer was yes. And as they say, the rest is history. I love the opportunity to share my knowledge of photography and interact with passengers from all over the world who all come here with a similar passion for adventure in the deep south.”


Name: Sandra Walser
Country: Switzerland
Onboard position: Quality Manager, Media Coordinator and Zodiac Driver

“It was my childhood dream to once visit Antarctica. I fulfilled that dream in 2006, spending ALL my money on that one trip. But I wanted to come back… I applied to several companies as a photographer. Photography was the only ‘polar’ expertise I could offer back then. One company hired me, that is how it all started. And I still love it!”


Name: Wei Deng
Country: China
Onboard position: Mountain Guide, Media Photographer, Cultural Host, Zodiac Driver

“I love meeting new people as I guide on our trips. I love being part of the expedition team, to work in a team environment as we explore this remote place.”


Name: Milagros de Vega Corso
Country: Argentina
Onboard position: Shopkeeper
“When I travelled to Antarctica in 2015 as a guest, it was a life-changing experience for me. My brother worked on board the ship and he inspired me to want to do the same. I also love the atmosphere on the ship.”


Name: Nigel Milius
Country: from England, now lives in New Zealand
Onboard position: Education Program Coordinator and Lecturer

“The wildlife first drew me to Antarctica (I’ve always been a keen birder). Working on the ships gave me a way to spend more time watching, and sharing my passion for, the wildlife of the region.”


Name: Olle Carlsson
Country: Sweden
Onboard position: Lecturer and Guide

“A friend was an able seaman and came to Antarctica when India leased a ship to bring down two research stations. He took amazing photos. Seeing them, I knew I had to go. We made a book together (I read and interviewed, but had still not seen Antarctica!). The book became my ticket for a job when I sent it to the right people.”


Learn about our Antarctica expedition team here.

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