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Friday, June 12, 2020

What Is the Best Time to Travel to Antarctica?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when planning a trip to Antarctica. The one we hear most often is – when is the best time to travel to Antarctica? The Antarctic summer season is the answer.

Summer in Antarctica is a narrow window of time between November and March, so your trip really depends on when you can travel and where your interests lie. Each summer month in Antarctica offers traveler’s a unique perspective and, of course, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To learn more about the different months in Antarctica, you can listen to Reinoud Daniels, Market Manager for US & Canada market, discuss them in this audio clip. Below is a quick look into what you can expect month by month in the Antarctic’s summer season.

Month-by-Month: What to Expect in Antarctica

November in Antarctica

The early Antarctic summer is when Penguins are numerous, just in time for mating season. It is a busy time for these birds as they build their nests, search for partners and start their families. Also, the continent is just coming out of winter, so ice and snow are still abundant. If you want to see some bigger icebergs, this is a great time to visit.

Best time to travel to Antarctica - Summer Season

December in Antarctica

This is the most popular season to visit Antarctica. There are plenty of Penguin chicks to spot and seals are active as it is their mating season. It’s important to remember to plan early for this month as it is booked quickly as many people look forward to seeing the seventh continent during this time of year.

Best Time to travel to Antarctica - Penguins

January in Antarctica

During this month, you can expect “warmer” weather as it is the peak of the summer season in Antarctica. The average temperature in the Antarctica Peninsula area during the austral summer is about 0º C (32º F). You will see baby penguin chicks being fed by their parents who just returned from the sea with food. This time of year also has about 20 hours of sunlight giving you plenty of time to explore during your trip.

Hiking & Snowshoeing in Antarctica. Photography by Ana Carla Martínez.

February in Antarctica

As we get later into the season, you can expect whales to start appearing in the waters of Antarctica. It’s also a wonderful time of year for photographers as the light in February is optimal for landscape photography. To learn some Antarctica photography tips, read here.

Best Time to Travel to Antarctica - Whales

Best Time to Travel to Antarctica – Whales

March in Antarctica

The end of the summer season is here. Penguin chicks are older and ready to venture into the cold waters. All the wildlife is active at this time of year, so seals and whales are also expected to be nearby. Learn more about Antarctica wildlife in our Antarctica overview section. It’s also a time when fewer people are traveling to Antarctica, so you will not see many other ships during your time here.

Best Time to Travel to Antarctica

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