Ana Carla Martinez

The love of Nature and Wildlife is Ana’s “leitmotif”. She studied at the Argentine Naturalists School, and work as a volunteer in the area National Parks. As a professional photographer, she earned experience in a renowned studio and magazines specializing in travel, wildlife, and extreme sports. Ana co-founded her photo studio in Argentina and has a degree from the University of Barcelona. In 2002 she started working as a photographer, equestrian, hiking, and kayaking guide for extreme sports companies in the Pyrenees. Then she became an expert guide in Central Asia and co-managed the Silk Route for five years. Ana has been working on GPI vessels sailing in various expeditions in Greenland, Baffin Bay, Canada, Svalbard, the Chilean Fiords and other remote places. As a zodiac driver, she participated in the SAR team of Doctors Without Borders in the Mediterranean. She has been with Antarctica21 since 2012 and nowadays lives in Valparaíso, Chile.