Blake Hornblow

Blake grew up on the South Island of New Zealand spending as much time as possible in the outdoors; kayaking, surfing, and climbing. His passion for kayaking came from racing in Canoe Slalom where he competed internationally. Drawn by a curiosity to understanding the ocean ecosystem he studied Marine Ecology at the University of Otago. This allowed him to experience Antarctica for the first time in 2015 while on an Antarctic Ecosystems research voyage to the Ross Sea. He now holds an MSc in Marine Sciences and has been working around the world as a naturalist, kayaking guide, and research scientist. This has taken him to live in Alaska, studying bubble-net feeding humpback whales. Live in Fiordland, New Zealand studying the rainforest penguin and paddling several rivers in the Peruvian Andes including a month-long paddling trip down the source of the Amazon. Blake is always looking for the next adventure and loves to share what he knows about kayaking and the environment with others.