Karen Parada

Karen hails from Santiago, Chile and her passion for the natural world comes from years of traveling and exploring the quiet wilderness far from the city. Karen holds a degree in Ecotourism specializing in outdoor education and teamwork development. She has experience in teaching, guiding, and backpacking. Karen worked as an instructor for an outdoor education institute focused on tourism for four years and then shifted careers in 2016 to work as an Expedition Guide on board ships in Antarctica. The cold air of the polar regions, challenging work, and friendships captivated Karen to continue exploring and connecting with the outdoors. Along the way, she developed a passion for photography, yoga, and mindful living. Karen is enthusiastic to raise awareness about the world’s most isolated continent, observing its greatness to learn about our planet. She is always happy to return to Antarctica’s beauty and she hopes to connect with others to become ambassadors of this sacred place.