Sandra Walser

Sandra Walser was born, raised and educated in Switzerland. After receiving her Master’s degree in history and film studies from the University of Zurich, she fulfilled her childhood dream by traveling to Iceland and Greenland. During this trip, she caught the notorious “polar fever” and just hasn’t been able to shake it off. In the past few years, Sandra has taken part in over 70 expeditions cruises in Antarctica and the Arctic as a lecturer in polar history, naturalist guide, photographer, and Zodiac driver. She joined Antarctica21’s expedition team in 2011. Sandra is a member of the Polar Tourism Guides Association and certified as a Senior Polar Guide. She delights in sharing her passion and helping guests discover the magic and fragility of the Antarctic, as well as experience the trip of a lifetime. When not on a ship, Sandra works as a freelance historian. She has recently published a widely acclaimed book in German dealing with pioneering tourists to visit the polar regions.