Sofia Benegas

Sofia comes from a family whose lifestyle is closely intertwined with the outdoors, nature and adventure. She grew up by the coast of Peninsula Valdes, Northern Patagonia. It is here where she found her love for the sea and way of life in full contact with nature from an early age. She works as a Skipper on whale watching, dedicating over 25 years to this activity in Peninsula Valdes, and specializing in marine wildlife viewing. She regularly works with wildlife documentary film crews, such as National Geographic and BBC, as a support diver and guide. She started sea kayaking in 2004 and had participated in numerous expeditions exploring the coast of Patagonia. This is when she chose to pursue guiding kayak trips as a different way to connect with nature and enjoy the biodiversity and wild sea of Patagonia, alternating Southern Right Whale Watching guidance and sea kayaking along the season.