What is the Best Antarctica Cruise?

Planning Tips and Air-Cruise Experiences from our Past Guests

Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Best Antarctica Cruise for You

Choosing the best Antarctica cruise for your trip to the 7th Continent is the first step of a fun and exciting process. Whether you’re going for an adventure, wildlife, or celebration, there are many reasons to travel to Antarctica.

To help you sift through all the information on Antarctic travel out there, we thought it might be best for our guests to tell you why they chose an Antarctica21 air-cruise. Below is an overview of some of our favorite guest stories and why they planned their trip to Antarctica with us.

  1. The Expert Guides: At least 12 expert polar guides will explore Antarctica with you on every Antarctica cruise.

Mother and Daughter adventure in Antarctica. A story by Katie Losey who traveled with her mother during our 2019-20 Air-Cruise Season in Antarctica on Ocean Nova.

“After the A21/Ocean Nova team spotted [Orcas] from far out (we’re talking I couldn’t track them with binoculars with someone pointing to them), they surrounded our boat as though we were a massive toy, and we ran from the back to the front of the vessel following them gracefully slide through the water.”
– Katie Losey traveled with us in February 2019 for a mother/daughter’s trip.

  1. Time & Comfort: We operate our Antarctica cruises with small ships only, allowing for more time and optimal relaxation while onboard.

Manfredi Gioacchini travels in Antarctica with Antarctica21

“The quick flight across the Drake Passage and then boarding my expedition ship right from the Antarctic Peninsula allowed me to focus on the destination and my photos. The Magellan Explorer was my home for the trip. It is a stylish and cozy boutique experience that allows you to get away from it all. And as an Italian, I very much appreciated the good amenities and comfortable spaces to relax.”
– Manfredi Gioacchini traveled with us in December 2019 to explore his art through the lens of Antarctica.

  1. Magellan Explorer: We built and operate the first custom-built ship for the Antarctic air-cruise.

An Antarctic Love Story by Tracey and Micheal, on board the Inaugural Voyage of Magellan Explorer

“We started researching our trip early and looked at different expedition trips and Antarctica cruises to celebrate our Anniversary in Antarctica. Before long, we had found the small ship Magellan Explorer, Antarctica21’s new polar vessel, and its inaugural trip that set sail on November 28th, 2019… It is the most unforgettable experience that we have shared in our 30 years together.”
– Tracey Rowell traveled with us in November 2019 in celebration of three decades of marriage.

  1. Get to Antarctica Quickly: Our Antarctic flights get you to Antarctica in two hours and we have a priority flight window to fly at the best time of day to avoid delays.

Boarding the aircraft for a direct flight to Antarctica

“It has been years since my vacation in Antarctica, and I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about my time there. We work long hours in New York City but love to travel and explore the world. With our time constraints, we needed a company that offered us a way to get to Antarctica quickly. Then I discovered that you could fly to Antarctica, take an air-cruise, and spend your vacation in Antarctica and not just traveling there”.
– Lauren Lopez Rutkowski traveled with us in December 2015 seeking an epic Antarctic adventure.

  1. Trip Planning with Ease: Our team works with you or your agent throughout the whole planning process.

Maryse in Antarctica, solo traveller

“When I travel alone, I look for a company that is organized and provides information about the trip from end-to-end. I tend to book with companies that give quick responses and are attentive to their customers. This is a priority when traveling alone to Antarctica as you only have them to rely on. I also look for a company that provides more than just the trip: advice on travel and flights, insurance, packing, and recommendations for pre/post trip hotspots shows me I am in good hands.”
– Maryse Gorden traveled with us in December 2018 on a solo trip to the 7th continent.

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The Antarctic Flight Guide, Antarctica21

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