Discover Antarctica with Expert Polar Guide, Bob Gilmore

Learn about the origins of Antarctica, its climate, & how it affects our world!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Discover Antarctica with Bob Gilmore, Senior Guide with Antarctica21, on our recent webinar. You can watch the full webinar today and invite your friends to dream about traveling to Antarctica together. During the webinar, Bob discusses the origins of Antarctica, its climate, and how it affects the rest of the world. We also got a glimpse into how icebergs are formed and how the ecosystem of Antarctica is organized and much more.

Discover Antarctica with Expert Guide, Bob Gilmore

Questions from Discovering the Mysteries of Antarctica

  1. When is the best time to travel to Antarctica?
    Our air-cruise expeditions take you to Antarctica during the Austral Summer typically from late November to early March. There is no bad time to visit Antarctica but depending on what time you go it will determine a bit of what you see. For example, during a trip earlier in the season, you will see more sea ice and what it might look like during the winter months, during the mid-season you will see many penguins tending to their young, and later in the season, you could find more migratory whales. Read our month-to-month overview of Antarctica for more information!

    Antarctica cruise on small ship. Hebridean Sky bow, photography provided by Polar Latitudes

    Hebridean Sky, photography provided by Polar Latitudes

  2. What is the difference between our three Antarctic expedition ships?
    All our ships make a great base for exploration in Antarctica. You will meet your ship after flying from Punta Arenas, Chile, and landing on King George Island. Our ships include our new and modern Magellan Explorer, Ocean Nova, and Hebridean Sky. If you are looking to go to the Polar Circle, Magellan or Ocean Nova are the ships for you. If you’re looking for a ship with classic elegance, check out Hebridean. Explore our three ships now! 
  3. How can you participate in a Citizen Science program while in Antarctica with us?
    For the upcoming season, all departures will have onboard educational sessions and most will have hands-on experience in the field. So, if you enjoyed hearing from Bob Gilmore on the webinar, you can expect him or our other Antarctica experts to offer their knowledge throughout your expedition.Bob Gilmore, Senior Guide with Antarctica21
  4. Can you tell me about your Covid-19 protocols?
    Our commitment to providing safe expeditions remains stronger than ever. We have a list of Travel Requirements that you can review here. This plan and our response to the pandemic will continue to evolve, incorporating all the latest knowledge, guidelines, and protocols as we all move forward together.

To learn more about our wilderness expeditions to Antarctica, you can download our 2022/23 brochure or book a Discover Antarctica call today!

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